Best bannor 2016 aa

Pictures of our Working Dogs


Derek Elmslie's

Darkiss Maximus Decimus BH Sch 1 & 11


Lorraine Porteous's

Darkiss Scarlet Taboo CDEX


Diego's Caught 'n' the Act

Awaded CDex & UDex 2013


Yvonne Walker

Sallate Eura CDEX, UD UDEX

Eura gains UDEX at SWTS Championship Trial

Saturday 30th August 2003


Helen Watson

Knecht Celastine CD


John Hull

Victor Van Roveline BH & SchH A


John Hull

Yeris Van De Wutjeshoveve BH, CSAU, TAN


John Hull

Supeta’s Soul Sister BH, CSAU


John Hull

Fregola Casa Di Oz BH


John Hull

UK Ch.Gaindyke Martini CSAU, TAN


Derek Elmslie

Vonedstram Kwinto BH


Morag Wigfield

Knecht Vunofakind BH


Glen Prosser

Flashlight Flicker BH · Updated at about 5 months ago

We would like to acknowledge the working achievements of our club members ...

So please send us your dogs details, wins and awards and we will happily add them to this section.

dagilcc chien_179 211

Darkiss Maximus Decimus Sch 1 &11