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Helpful Tips on Rearing a Puppy

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When you first arrive home with your puppy, you may find that he is off his food for a few days, don’t worry and don’t feel you need to change his food. If you decide to change his food do it gradually over about 5 to 7 days. Mix his new food in with his current food daily and gradually decrease the amount of existing food at the same time increase the amount of new. By the end of the week you should have him on his new food completely. By introducing him in this way to a new diet you will prevent upsetting his stomach.



Your Breeder will let you know how often your puppy should be fed. He will normally be on 4 feeds a day. Review this weekly and take him down to 3 feeds as he grows until the age of 6 months, there after 2 feeds a day until he is a year old. At a year old you can either feed your dog 1 or 2 feeds a day depending on what suits your dog. Remember as the number of feeds decrease the amount you give him needs to increase.



Ensure that there is always a supply of clean water for your puppy at all times. This is extremely important as well if you are feeding your puppy on a dry food.



It is worth arranging an appointment with your vet to take your puppy along to get him checked over. At the same time you should arrange to have your puppy vaccinated and wormed. Speak to your vet about micro chipping your puppy as well.



Your puppy picks up house training quite easily. The Golden Rule is to make sure when he wakes up you take him outside, after a meal take him out, or take him out hourly. This way he will soon come to realise that he goes outside to do the toilet. The more time you spend on your puppy house training the quicker he will learn. Continue with the above until he goes to the door automatically. Never ignore your puppy if he goes to the door as he is letting you know that he needs the toilet. Accidents will happen try not to punish your puppy just make sure that you get him out quicker next time.



A good first collar for your puppy is a half check choke in nylon. Put this on regularly at the beginning to get him used to it. Never leave his collar on for long periods of time when he is not supervised as accidents can happen.




Although it is very important to socialise your puppy, in the early months it is very important not to over exercise him. His bones are developing quickly and too much exercise can do damage. To start with 3 or 4 minutes around the block is enough. Gradually build up to a 15 to 20minute walk as he grows. After your puppy is 9 months you can increase the exercise, but try not to over walk him until he is a year old.



Although Dobermanns on the main are very healthy dogs, accidents can happen so we would recommend that you take out Insurance for your puppy. Most Breeders insure their puppies for 6 weeks it is wise to either continue this insurance or shop around for a better option.



Be a sensible Dobermann Owner and make sure your dog is under control at all times. When your puppy goes to the toilet make sure you clean up after him on your walks.



Training is very important for your puppy. There are a number of locally run dog training classes ranging from show training to obedience.  All training is useful to socialise your puppy.  Ask your Vet about local classes for your puppy. Most Vets hold puppy parties, where you can take your puppy along to mix with other puppies.


The above is a guide for new owners. If you have anything that you are unsure about you should contact your Breeder who can give you advice,


Speak to your vet.

Scottish Dobermann Club Training Classes

Ringcraft, Socialisation, Basic Obedience Guidance & Breed Advice.

6.45 pm - 8.45 pm

£3.00 for the first dog; £1.50 every dog thereafter.

All Breeds are welcome.

Thursday 23rd October;

Thursday 6th November & Thursday 20th November;

Thursday 11th December - Party night!

Thursday 15th January & Thursday 29th January;

Thursday 12th February & Thursday 26th February;

Thursday 12th March & Thursday 26th March;

Thursday 9th April & Thursday 23rd April;

Thursday 14th May & Thursday 28th May;

Thursday 11th June  

Thursday 25th June Match Night; 

Thursday 13th August & Thursday 27th August;

Thursday 10th September & Thursday 24th September;

Thursday 15th October, & Thursday 29th October;

Thursday 12th November & Thursday 26th November;

Thursday 10th December - Party night!


Netherton Community Centre

358 Netherton Road

Glasgow, G13 1AX

For more information contact  - Trudi – 07849 379 288 / Penny – 07974 275259


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