Best bannor 2016 aa

Thank you to the Scottish Dobermann Club committee for their kind invitation to judge my first club show. An excellently run show, a lovely venue with first class catering. Thank you to all exhibitors for a super entry, and the privilege to go over your quality dogs. Thank you also to my steward Mr Scott Wright, for doing a very efficient job. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

VETERAN DOG (6) - 1st Somerville.. Diego’s De Boer ShCM Blk/Rust 7 ½ yrs. Smart masculine dog, in excellent condition & muscle tone. Head pleasing with good length to muzzle. Correct dark eye. Lovely reach of neck. Compact body shape. Adequate Depth. Good well developed backend. Topline firm & held on the move. Short coupled. Tight feet. Sound mover. His overall condition is a credit to his owner.

2nd Robertson.. Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka Blk/Rust Standard dog. Similar in age to 1st also in good muscle tone & condition. Head ok, slightly lighter in eye than 1st Muscular neck into ok front assembly. Well-developed fore chest. Overall a sound moving dog with a compact body shape. Ample round bone. Strong rear action.

3rd Freer.. Diego’s Carpe Diem


PUPPY DOG (5 Entries) - 1st Richardson.. Jasprico Jazz Master Flash 9 mths Blk/Rust. Overall smart puppy. Head developing, with dark eye of correct shape. Reach of neck into good lay of shoulder. Depth down to elbow. Balanced angles fore & aft. Top line held on the move. Tight catlike feet. Lovely rich well defined tan markings. Hocks parallel. A lovely puppy with plenty to come as he matures. I liked him very much. BPD & RBPIS shown to advantage. Well done.

2nd Cairns.. Dronski Amadeus Blk/Rust 10 mths. Another smart puppy on profile & handled to advantage. Nice head, good length to muzzle & dark expressive eye. Lovely length of neck. Slightly steeper in the shoulder placement than 1st. Firm topline. Ample round bone. Excellent condition & tone for age. Moved out steady.

3rd Graham & Richardson.. Jasprico Midnight Runner With Sharhyste

JUNIOR DOG (2) - 1ST Lack.. Garuda Von Dockermann (Imp) 12 mths Blk/Rust. Compact & standard. Excels in head, which is a blunt wedge with correct length of muzzle, and dark expressive eye. Well defined tan markings. Muscular neck developing well. Firm short backline. Good fill in croup. Angles ok. Tight catlike feet. Short hocks parallel to the ground. Lovely round bone. Strong backend, Moved very soundly coming towards. Driving from the rear. Won this class on his clean square outline & soundness.

2nd Robertson.. Cockneyoka Highlander 17 mths Blk/Rust. Different in type to 1ST but a well put together dog , that i also liked. Strong in head & muzzle depth. Lovely fill under the eye. Well arched muscular neck into good lay of shoulder and correct balanced angles at the front & rear. Lovely depth of brisket & adequate fore chest. Slightly rippling on his withers today, but that said he is a good quality honest dog. Steady on the move coming and going.

YEARLING DOG (1) - 1st Verrall.. Camperdown Glaus Tulaichean 21 mth Blk/Rust. Pleasing head. Good length to muzzle. Eyes lighter than required. Lovely fore chest with correct depth. Shoulder placement ok, not quite the layback. Slight sloping topline. Well-muscled & excellent 2nd thigh. Strong rear. Tight catlike feet. Moved out soundly.

NOVICE DOG (4) = 1st Richardson.. Jasprico Jazz Master Flash took first place in Puppy Dog and I am told this class win gives him his JW title at 9 mths of age. Well done.

2nd Cairns Dronski Amadeus 2nd in PD

3rd Graham & Richardson Jasprico Midnight Runner with Sharhyste

GRADUATE DOG (1) - 1st Smith.. Gylemuir Strathblair 3 yrs Blk/Rust . Head masculine, good length to muzzle, slightly light in eye colour. Tan markings are dark and well defined. Long reach of neck into ok front assembly. Correct depth of brisket. Elbows well tucked in. Topline firm. Plenty of angulation on rear, would prefer less. Tight catlike feet. Moved out well.

POST GRADUATE DOG (8) - 1st Elmslie.. Darkiss Maximus Decimus at Kinmonth. 2yrs Blk/Rust. Honest well made dog. Good head of correct proportions with lovely length to muzzle. Long muscular crested neck. Clean over withers. Adequate layback of shoulder. Good depth of brisket and well tucked in elbows. Topline firm slightly sloping & held on the move. Ample 1st & 2nd thigh. Super hard condition. Moved true when viewed from all angles.

2nd Caffel & Kavanagh.. Doberway Chito Achaffa.21mths Blk/rust. Compact on profile. Head masculine. Correct dark almond eye. Good layback of shoulder. Muscular neck. Short back, with slight slope to topline. A smart showman, handled to advantage. Liked him but slightly lame on front movement today.

3rd Young.. Malibray Laguvulin.

LIMIT DOG (8) - 1st Sanderson.. Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen. 2yrs Brown/Rust . Compact, elegant all male. Head is clean & masculine with good length to muzzle. Well filled under lovely expressive eyes. Crested convex dry neck into excellent layback of shoulder. Short slightly sloping firm topline .Well filled croup. Ample depth of brisket and elbows tightly tucked in. Powerful with plenty of heart room. Spring of rib excellent. He excels in front construction giving him the correct reach on the move. His strong well-muscled backend giving a purposive driving action from the rear. Build to fill his purpose. A pleasure to watch his side profile movement. BEST DOG well done.

2nd Lainchbury.. Ashlain Makriamos JW ShCM 3yrs Blk/Rust Compact well made standard dog. Balanced & sound. Head of lovely proportions, eyes dark and correct almond shape. Crested neck into correct layback of shoulder. Excellent depth of brisket, and fore chest. Another male with good heart room. Firm topline held at all times.In super hard condition & muscle tone. He excels on the move, another who correctly picks up and drives from the rear.

3rd Colquhoun & Crawford Coltregan Boss

OPEN DOG (8) - 1st Cairns.. Supeta’s Secret Wizard at Dronski JW ShCM 2yrs Blk/Rust Flashy Classy showman. Excels in head proportions. Correct dark almond eye. Lovely length to muscular neck leading into correct front. Good return on upper arm. Depth well down, elbows tightly tucked in. Rounded ample bone & substance. Topline slight slope to well filled croup. Hocks parallel. A sound moving eye catching dog who powers around the ring with minimal effort, driving from strong hind quarters RBD Well done.

2nd Jones.. Ch Amazon Russian Ice JW. Another Flashy showman. Smart well- made standard male, of exquisite shape. Head is correct with the best of expressions. Well defined tan markings. Long crested neck into excellent made front. Lovely forechest. Slightly sloping topline. Angles are balanced fore & aft. He gives a pleasing outline and moves out steady with an easy free gait. Just preferred the bone & substance of 1st.

3rd Feeney.. Italo Elite House.

Veteran Bitch. (4) - 1st Lainchbury.. Ch Trystorme in Association with Ashlain JW ShCM 8yrs Blk/Rust. Excellent quality & bred type. Classic one piece head, lips clean. Well defined tan markings. Crested reach of neck into clean wither. Correct front angulation. Depth to brisket, elbows tight in. Good heart room.Slightly sloping topline. Catlike feet. Balanced rear.Moved out soundly. An excellent example of a veteran kept in tip top condition. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. Well done.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4) - 1st Balshaw.. Remesca’s Vida Loca. 7mths Blk/rust. Overall a smart puppy, lovely head developing correctly. Darkest of almond shaped expressive eyes. Crested neck into good front, ample fore- chest. Short firm topline, held at all times. Excellent 1st & 2nd thigh already developing. Tightest of feet. Well angled rear. A flashy short coupled show girl. Won this class on her overall soundness & steady free gait.

2nd Dunn.. Gylemuir Midnight Mystique 7mths Brown/Rust. A beautifully made puppy. Front assembly is correct, well down to elbow. Not over down in anyway. Pleasing head developing. Correct crested clean neck. Balanced rear angles with hocks parallel. Tight catlike feet. Topline just needs to firm. Moved out steady. True coming & going.

3rd Law & Graham.. Sharhyste Razzle Shazzle at Heatherlands

Puppy Bitch (7) - 1st Fisher.. Dronski Adele at Lintoya 10mth Blk/ Rust. Raw quality puppy with correct well defined tan markings. Head is maturing into correct blunt shape with a good length to muzzle & fill under the eyes. Head planes correct. Crested dry neck into clean wither. Elbows tight to brisket. Good strong round bone. A firm slight sloping topline. Adequate bend to stifle. Hocks parallel. Tight feet. Very sound on the move coming and going, carried herself well on side profile. Not over done in any department. I liked her very much. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. Well done.

2nd Richardson.. Jaspirco Kokorico 9mths Blk /Rust. Litter mate to BPD. A balanced elegant baby not overdone. Head still developing with darkest of eye. Good length to clean muzzle. Reach of neck into correct front assembly. Very clean over the withers. Slightly sloping topline. Tight catlike feet. Hocks parallel. Moved out steady & sound coming & going and a good side profile movement showing correct reach out in front.

3rd Mcilroy.. Krieger Serbian Surprise.

Junior Bitch (4) - 1st Ward.. Aritaur Dita Von Tesse. 17mth Blk/Rust Overall very smart and elegant. Crisp outline. Head is feminine with lovely length to muzzle. Correct well defined rich tan markings. Crested dry neck into firm slightly sloping topline. Clean over shoulders. Elbows tight into brisket. Balanced angles. The best of catlike feet. Short pasterns. Moved soundly, and true coming towards, and gave a good positive action on side gait. A lovely junior with lots more to come as she matures. Winning a quality class.

2nd Anderson.. Krieger Va Va Voom 18mth Blk/rust Another classy junior. Head is strong yet feminine, dark eyes giving good expression. Clean lips on correct length of muzzle. Markings well defined. Compact body shape on profile. Elegant neck into correct shoulder placement. Topline slightly sloping, firm and held on the move. Tight feet. Moved out with purpose reaching correctly in front.

3rd Cairns.. Tuwos Jackie ‘O’ at Dronski JW

Yearling Bitch (5) - 1st Graham.. Sharhyste Storm Angel 21mth Blk/Rust. Honest and sound. Head strong but still feminine. Dark eye. Front angles are balanced with rear. Topline slight slope. Elbows tight in. Brisket well let down. Excellent round bone & substance. On profile she is compact. Standing on tight feet. Moved out soundly, with good driving action from the rear.

2nd Verrall.. Camperdown Carn Aosda 22mth Blk/Rust. Head feminine, Good length to muzzle, not quite as well filled as i would like. Correct well defined tan markings. Excellent reach of neck into ok topline. Elbows tight into brisket. Good heart room. & forechest. Hocks parallel .Catlike feet. Moved steady, with good side profile.

3rd Cairns.. Lamarg Drama Queen.

Novice Bitch (7) - 1st Fisher.. Dronski Adele at Lintoya

2nd Balshaw.. Remesca Vida Loca

3rd Mcilroy.. Krieger Serbian Surprise

Graduate Bitch (2) - 1st Graham.. Sharhyste Storm Angel.

Post Graduate Bitch (3) - 1st Robertson.. Cockneyoka Mauna-Loa. 2yr 6mth Blk/Rust. Cobby, strong, substantially built standard bitch. Head is in proportion to suit body. Strong in muzzle, and well filled. Muscular neck into shoulder. Plenty of depth and good fore chest. Topline firm. Elbows tight in. Rear angles good. Well off for bone. A substantial bitch in excellent muscle tone & condition. Moved steady.

2nd Legget.. Krieger Private Dancer at Swanwite 4yrs Blk/Rust. Elegant and feminine. A pleasing head with correct markings & good length to muzzle. Darkest of almond eye. Giving good expression. Well angled front and rear. Topline firm and held. Moved out well. Preferred the substance of 1st.

3rd Coutts.. Emarald Divinity ShCM

Limit Bitch (9) - 1st McColl & Feeney ..Cockneyoka High Society from Diego 17mth Blk/Rust. Oozes quality class & breed type she is elegant and powerful. Classic correct blunt wedge shaped head, with depth and length to muzzle. Clean lips & dark almond expressive eyes. Crested convex dry neck flowing into clean withers. Excels in front assembly. Elbows tightly tucked into well filled brisket of correct depth. Plenty of heart room. Topline is firm slightly sloping to well filled out croup. Rear is strong with slight bend to stifle. Standing on super catlike feet. Moves effortlessly covering the ground with ease. Balanced from all angles. Pleased to award her BEST BITCH & BEST IN SHOW. Well done.

2nd Lainchbury.. Ashlain Kazavitti JW ShCM 3yr Blk/Rust Well made & Smart. Strong feminine head, lovely well filled muzzle, with correct dark almond expressive eye. Good muscular neck into correct layback of shoulder. Elbows tight in, excellent depth of brisket, and spring of rib. Short coupled.Topline firm , slight slope into well filled out croup. Angles balanced fore & aft. Well muscled backend. Hocks parallel. Moved with correct reach and excellent purposive back drive.

3rd Waldie.. Vonedstram Kolina.

Open Bitch (11)A Class of top quality Bitches. - 1st Jones & Tilley.. Ch Amazon Russian Romance JW 2yr Blk/Rust Smart substantial quality bitch in super hard condition. Head of good proportions with adequate length to muzzle. The darkest of almond eye, giving her the desired expression. Excels in front assembly with correct depth and fore chest. Good spring of rib.Plenty of heart room. Firm sloping topline carried at all times. 1st & 2nd thigh well developed. Strong back end. Won this class on her effortless steady movement. Her front coming towards is so sound. Kept in tip top condition. RBB & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. Well done.

2nd Downie & Glass.. Ch Gaindyke Eureka 2yrs 8mth Blk/Rust. Compact, balanced, smart top quality bitch. Beautiful classic head of good proportions with length to muzzle & dark almond eye. Correct well defined tan markings. Slightly sloping topline into well filled croup. Good round bone. Lovely & square on profile. Strong backend & well developed 1st & 2nd thigh. Not over done in any department. Moved out well , excellent side gait.

3rd Sommerville.. Diego Temptation with Stormhold.

Sunday 4th November 2012 Open Show

Judge - Mrs Jackie Ingram. (Jojavik)







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