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I wish to thank most sincerely all those involved with the Scottish Dobermann Club. Some individuals were up very early in the morning to get the show underway and the welcome I received from both officials and exhibitors was quite amazing. A special thank you to my good humoured driver who entertained us both to and from the show. Also many thanks to my excellent steward Scott. It was an honour and a privilege to attend at such a super show and I wish the Club continued success for the future.

I notice both my BIS & RBIS are from the Vonedstram line. Best in show out of Vonedstram the Viking and RBIS from Vonedstram Arko Von Mirdale ex Vonedstram Verona at Swanwite.

Veteran Dog

1st & RBD Walker's Diego's Caught 'n The Act CDEX-a lovely seven year old stylish brown dog, in wonderful condition, good front assembly & really pleasing confirmation. Could be a bit darker in colour, quality dog.

2ndMcIlroy-Stracey's Krieger Hot Shot-a youthful seven year old, very nice black & rust, good head planes, excellent type, responded well to handler.

3rd Richardson's Ch Purroma Dark Impression.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Matthew's Lebakker Tymur Taraz at Heathwaen-black & rust and just six months an impressively well schooled youngster, very steady, plenty to like, in time will be a contender.

2nd Wilson-Simpson, Wilson & Harkness-Jeujaan's Karo Dittorio TAF six month black & rust gave a great picture in profile, a little reluctant to display teeth but more ring craft & handling will carry him through.

Puppy Dog

1st & BPIS Cairn's Supeta's Secret Wizard at Dronsk-eleven month old black & rust with good front assembly, nice head, muscular neck and good topline. My best puppy on the day.

2nd Verrall's Camperdown Glas Tuliahan-ten month black & rust puppy is another promising dog with plenty to like, good proportionsand overall appearance.

Veteran Bitch

1st Matthew's Heathwaen Dream Machine-a seven year old good moving bitch, brown who has aged well, beautiful type, still able to hold her topline and showing reach and drive on the go.

2nd McIlroy-Stracey's Krieger Illicit Proposal-also seven years old

soundly constructed black & rust bitch, good head and expression, well balanced.

3rd Ingram's Ch Jojavick Wurlitzer JW

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Graham's-Sharhyste Storm Angel-an eight month old black & rust of good overall type, exhibited puppy behaviour, promising make & shape, inquisitive and good natured.

2nd Anderson's Krieger's Va Va Voom-six month old black & rust with good head proportions, well balanced youngster who strode out well, keen and showing potential.

Puppy Bitch

1st Verrall's Camperdown Carn Aosda-a ten month old black & rust with correct head, well places ears, good neck & topline, very well balanced, showed with ease on the move.

2nd Chalmer's Jeujaan Caldo Epicante-black & rust eleven month old with correct head & good overall confirmation, moved well around the ring, kept her head level a little more experience will stand this baby in good stead.

3rd Cairn's Lamarg Drama

Junior Dog

1st Taylor's Khazaddum's Real Rock n Rolla-A brown strong solid dog, good front assembly, moved well, good topline and overall appearance.

2nd Cairn's Lamarg Drunk n Disorderly-black & rust another solid dog, good type, showed well, maturing nicely.

Yearling Dog

1st Richardson's Sharhyste Dark Reflection at Jasprico-black & rust, good chest and forefront, typical head and expression, good balance-standing alone, worthy of placing.

Novice Dog

1st Matthew's Lebakker Tymur Taraz at Heathwean

2nd Cairns- Lamarg Drunk n Disorderly

Graduate Dog

1st Anderson's Krieger Ring Master-black dog, good head & ear carriage, good depth of chest, square, moved well.

2nd Sommerville's Stormhold Atria-black & rust, quality dog, moved around the ring with head up, happy confident dog, natural showman.

Post Graduate Dog

1st & BD & RBIS Legget's Swanwite Solo Edition-a solid brown dog, well muscled, good overall make & shape. Quality dog, sailed around the ring nicely and gave a good account of himself.

2nd Elmslie's Darkiss Maximus Decimus at Kinmouth-black and rust, nice head and front assembly, square, good bone.

3rd Young's Malibray Lagavulin.

Limit Dog

1st Cairn's Jodaseen Jamiroquai-brown, nice head, good forechest, good front assembly, moved well.

2nd McIlroy-Stracey's Krieger The Wizard of Oz JW-black & rust, head and neck adequate, solid square dog.

Open Dog

1st Mulholland's IrCh Aritaur Tomahawk Mrillium ScCM CW'11-black & rust, correct head planes and front assembly, fine upstanding male with much potential.

2nd Feeney's Italo Elite House (Imp)-black & rust, powerful dog, good head and front assembly, nice tight feet, moved well, has great potential, one to watch for the future.

3rd Moore & McGhee's-trystorme Zhivago

Junior Bitch

1st & RBB Jones & Tilley's Amazon Russian Romance-black & rust, elegant young bitch with good head, neck and front assembly, handled well.

2nd Mulholland's Tuwos Indigo At Marilium (IMP)black & rust, confident bitch, good head with lovely reach of neck, good topline, moved well.

3rd Chalmer's Jeujaan Caldo Epicante

Yealing Bitch

1st Mulholland's Tuwos Indigo At Marilium (IMP)

2nd Burton's Darkiss Sultry Spirit-black & rust, head adequate, good neck and depth of chest, showed well.

3rd Law's Sharhyste Dark Ms Devlish

Novice Bitch

1st & RBB Jones & Tilley's Amazon Russian Romance

2nd Anderson's Krieger's Va Va Voom

3rd Cairn's Lamarg Drama

Graduate Bitch

1st Graham's Sharhyste Dark Ms Demonic-black & rust, good head and neck, good front assembly, good overall shape, responded well to handler.

2nd Banton's Darkiss Black Magic-black & rust, good head, good front and forechest, short with nicely set tail.

3rd Moore & McGhee's-Khazaddum Forsaken

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Cairn's Lamarg Bailey-black & rust, good head, neck, front somewhat narrow, fine type.

2nd Martin & Grey's Samenco Irish Cailin-black& rust, pleasing nice bitch, somewhat put off with the vibrations of the floor, good overall picture.

Limit Bitch

1st Dunn's Gylemuir Strathbrea-brown, nice bitch, somewhat long, correct head, nice front & forechest, good feet, moved well.

2nd Harkness Oxana Z Padoku Von Jeujaan (IMP POL) black & rust, young stylish bitch, responded well to handler, good head and front, good quality bitch.

3rd Sommerville's Diego's Temptation with Stormhold

Open Bitch

1st & BB & BIS Waldie's Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram-black & rust, quality bitch, mouth, muzzle, eyes, ear carriage correct. Good rich colour. This square bitch fit's the standard, well constructed, good tuck up, few faults and loads of potential. Overall winner of the day. Great asset to the breed and one to watch for the future.

2nd Banton's Ch & Ir Ch Van Hallen Black Velvet with Darkiss-black & rust, nice balanced bitch, with good forechest, pleasing outline.

3rd Ch Gaindyke Eureka (IMP)


Judge: Simon Rooney

Sunday 6th November 2011 Open Show

Judge: Mr Simon Rooney

Top Honours

BIS - Waldie's Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram

RBIS - Legget's Swanwite Solo Edition

RBD & BV - Walker's Diego's Caught 'n The Act CDEX

BPIS - Cairn's Supeta's Secret Wizard at Dronski