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Sunday 6th November 2016 Open Show

Judge: Mrs Alison Richardson

Scottish Doberman Club  Open Show November 6th 2016

Judge Alison Richardson


I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge some excellent examples of the breed, well done yet again for a very well-run show; I had a very enjoyable day. Thank you to the exhibitors for your entry and for accepting my decisions showing great sportsmanship on the day. Some hard decisions to be made in some classes which were full of quality exhibits, some places could easily change in the future, open dog and open bitch and junior classes. All exhibits were in great show quality and temperaments sound.

Minor Puppy Dog, BPD and BPIS Kuhl’s, Hollyhead Blue Steel. 1) Black and rust young puppy who displays lots of promise, pleasing head with good head planes, with elongated muzzle dark almond eye which is well filled, sufficient under jaw. Pleasing body shape, elbows which are tucked tightly into chest with sufficient forechest, strong defined top line which is carried well when moving, front and rear angels are developing well sufficient turn of stifle, well up on his legs already for a youngster would like to see him settle more on the move to show his drive and movement to its advantage. Did not hesitate in awarding him Best Puppy in Show today.

Puppy Dog BPIS,  Kuhl’s, Hollyhead Blue Steel.

Windsor, Rafthouse Winchster’s.  2 )  Brown and rust young male, larger head than 1, and eyes more round in shape. Stronger head with level planes sufficient under jaw. Longer in loin and well up on his legs, adequate forchest  his depth brisket needs time to reach elbows, forechest in proportion to his body plenty of bone and substance. Front and rear angles sloping top line, holds on the move, Movement needs development not yet working with handler when moving.

Junior Dog, some hard decision to be made in this class of promising young males a class where RBD was also found. Reid’s, Korifey Brave, 1) Black and rust, substantial youngster his head is strong and  elegant  with  dark almond shape eye, good length of muzzle  and sufficed under jaw, strong slightly sloping top line held well as he moves around the ring. Sufficient forechest and depth of brisket. Elbows are tucked in to the body to complement his overall shapely outline. Front angles are good, can be overstretched by handler to give the impression of over angulation at the rear which could distract from this boys strong rear quarters and his overall balance outline. Move with purpose and displays rear drive, he deserved his RBDIS.

McColl and Ingram’s, Jojavic James Bond, 2)  Black and rust youngster who pushed hard for first place today, elegant wedge shape head displaying good parallel head planes with dark eye showing sparkling expression, presented a lovely clean outline with the consistent shape and definition seen from this kennel, elongated neck and good shoulder placement ample forechest and sufficient depth brisket. Slightly sloping topline which needs to tighten and good tail set. Ample fore chest and sufficient depth of chest, correct front angels would prefer tighter feet, his rear is developing well would prefer more turn of stifle this will change as he matures and progresses. Will be watching this youngster with great interest.

Yearling Dog, Reid’s, 1) Korifey Brave, winner of Junior.

McColl and Ingram’s, 2)  Jojavic James Bond, second in Junior.

Novice Dog,

Windsor, 1)  Rafthouse Winchster 2nd in puppy dog.  

Graduate Dog, 1) Young’s, Malibray Kilchoman, Brown and rust substantial youngster strong head with almond eye displaying alert expression. Sufficient length of muzzle and plenty of under jaw, ample length of neck, ample forechest good depth of brisket and good spring of rib, strong sloping topline, which is firm and held well on the move, sufficient front and rear angulation,, would prefer tighter front and elbows, overall balanced in outline steady mover shown in good condition worked well with his handler today.

Lainchbury, Ashlain’s Sotiros, 2 ) Black and rust male, masculine head, dark almond eye giving alert expression, plenty of under jaw, strong neck flowing into good front construction, with tight feet,  ample forechest and good depth of brisket which hits his elbows, has a sloping topline, needs to settle for handler, got better as he progressed through the classes. Short coupled with spring of rib, sufficient rear angulation, very sound and steady mover displays rear drive. Still a lot to more come with maturity.

Post Graduate Dog, Metcalf’s, Linda’s What a Thriller, 1) Brown and rust compact male, strong masculine head with good eye colour would prefer more almond definition in eye shape, alert expression, good length of neck, well developed forechest with ample depth of brisket, angulation could have more definition front and back however still portrays a balanced profile, straight legs with good bone, tight feet, firm sloping topline which is kept well on the move, moved well once corrected by handler shown in good hard condition.

Cadaak Dunne Wassal, Coutts, 2) Black and rust male, taller than one however displays smart outline, strong head with length of muzzle dark almond eye, sufficient front which could be slightly tighter, depth of brisket with chest just making his elbows which are tight to body, sloping topline which is held well as he moves. Good front angels with strong muscled rear quarters sufficient turn of stifle has rear angles. Steady mover working well with his handler.

Limit Dog, Zarluka’s,  Eick Z Padoku for Lariza (Imp Pol), 1) black and rust well developed male, good head with well-defined stop, heads planes and dark almond eye showing very alert expression, elongated neck less width than 2nd neck flows into slightly sloping topline. Correct croup and upright high tail set. Sufficient forechest and ample depth of brisket which is reaching elbows, modest angulation front and back however he is still balanced in profile. Moved well in his class but he just could not settle in the challenge today, however his handler worked very hard to overcome this.

Reed’s Newark American Dream, 2) black and rust male head in proportion to body would prefer more length of muzzle, dark eye moderate length of neck which flows into slight sloping topline, sufficient forechest and depth of brisket correct lay of shoulder ample spring of rib, moderate front and rear angulation, presents a balanced profile, move well in sync with handler.

Open Dog, a very strong class bursting with quality, BIS ,  1) Tyler’s, Jojavic Bullet Proff Bomb, Black and rust decision for Best in Show  was a hard call and made on maturity and presence which was awarded to the winner of open dog. Standard strong  yet  elegant male, displaying many qualities seen from his kennel, head although stronger in back skull  than 2nd, still remains in proportion to body his head is clean cut with good depth of muzzle and plenty under jaw , dark almond shaped eye which is well filled with pleasing expression, defined head planes with sufficient stop. Display length of neck ample forchest depth of brisket and correct lay of shoulder. Strong top line flowing into his croup and tail set which is carried high top line is held well on the move. Good bend of stifle and rear angulation. Overall well balanced and a Shapley profile this boy moved with purpose today displaying rear drive in synergy with his handler. Will be watching this boy’s future with great interest.

Fisher’s, Jojavik Elite Mafia.  2) Black and rust male from the same kennel as class winner display many of the same qualities, masculine head with dark eye, shows an alert expression, sound front construction ample forechest both in angulation and his depth of brisket, elbows tight to body he has sufficient bone. Good front and tight feet, strong slightly sloping topline which he holds well whilst moving, he was not as settled moving out today when called back in to the challenge for RBID,  well filled croup, strong well developed hindquarters with good rear angulation, presents that classic sharp outline that is an attribute of his kennel, quality male quality class.

Veteran Bitch, Two quality examples of the breed and both worthy Champions, very hard decision to be made, Downie’s,  CH Gaindyke Eureka, BVIS 1)  Black and rust lovely feminine  but strong head with correct planes eyes dark and almond shape, adequate under jaw. Sufficient length of neck flowing into strong sloping topline and correct tail set. Ample fore chest and depth of brisket. Good front angulation would prefer slightly more turn of stifle still has a strong toned rear. She moved with purpose and obviously is unaware she is a veteran.

Waldie’s , CH Coltregan Prada at Vondestram, 2) Black and rust pushed winner of this class hard, lovely feminine bitch she has a lovely strong yet clean head piece displaying correct planes with a dark almond eye which is well filled. Has sufficient length of muzzle and neck which leads into slightly sloping top line which could be held better when moving but she is a veteran and it is to be expected. Correct croup and tail set, she is slightly longer in loin than 1, however still has desired balance. Soundest of fronts with sufficient forechest and sufficient angles front and back. She moves well, another girl who doesn’t know she is seven and a half.

Puppy Bitch, Murray’s, Diago’s Daisy Duke, BPB  1,  Black and Rust young lady, who has shot up on her legs already, head could be stronger eye dark in colour slightly rounder in shape, good length of muzzle and sufficient under jaw. Correct shoulder placement and ample reach of neck. This girl is shapely and displays depth of brisket, sufficient forechest, slightly long in loin this could change as she matures on. Sufficient front and rear angles. Needs to settle on the move but showed well for a young puppy, and shows lots of promise.

Junior Bitch Lainchbury’s Ashlain Trypytti, BBIS 1) Black and rust stunning young lady, has a smart flashy outline. She has a strong yet feminine head with ample length of muzzle with correct planes complemented with the darkest almond eye with alert sparkling expression. Lovely elongated neck flowing into a strong slightly sloping top line which is held solid when moving; her movement was foot perfect today. Elbows are tightly set under her beautiful shapely body. She has substance elegance and is very balanced in profile with ample angulation front and rear standing on tight feet with correct shoulder placement and the soundest of fronts. Strong well defined rear quarters, this young lady pushed hard for BIS losing out only to maturity of the male today very worthy of BBIS and Reserve BIS.

Reid’s, Dobshangrila Rebellion, 2) Black and rust another quality youngster with clean strong outline feminine head, sufficient length of muzzle, almond shape eyes which are well filled out under sufficient  under jaw, elongated neck flowing in to correct lay of shoulder, adequate forechest and depth of brisket which is down to her elbow. Slightly sloping topline held well when moving. Good front angulation ample rear angulation with ample turn of stifle. She is very balanced in profile. She moved well and was brought back into the challenge losing out today to first in open.

Yearling Bitch, Stracey’s, Stay in Style Shelbey at Krieger, 1)  Brown and rust, strong compact balanced girl, her head could be stronger but it is in proportion to her body, correct eye colour slightly rounder in definition sufficient length of muzzle ample length of neck and sound front, ample forechest depth of brisket and elbows are well tucked into body. She displays equal front and rear angulation well developed rear thigh presenting a balanced sharp outline in profile. Carrying a bit extra weight today. Move and handled well holding her topline with ease.

Novice Bitch Murray, Diago’s Daisy Duke, BPB  1 Puppy Bitch

Post Graduate Bitch, Waldies, Vonedstram Valeska, 1), Black and rust, strong yet feminine girl with pleasing head, darkest of eye, alert expression depth and length of muzzle. Clean outline elegant neck, slightly sloping topline strong front with tightest of feet and elbows tucked in. Adequate forechest and depth of brisket, sufficient angulation front and rear and correct turn of stifle. Moves with purpose and rear drive.

Limit Bitch, Newfords Linda Lovelace, 1) Black and rust girl with feminine head dark eye with alert expression, length of muzzle and sufficient under jaw, good length of neck and a sloping topline dropping slightly at croup, ample forechest and depth of brisket although slightly upright in shoulder placement with tight feet I would prefer a little more bone and definition of thigh, good front and rear angulation and has a nice shape and sharp outline. Rear movement good front movement less so although she portrays a nice overall profile when moving. Stracey’s, Krieger Aphrodite 2 )  hard decision to be made here much deliberation with these two girls. Black and rust bitch with stronger head than 1, she has  ample length in head and sufficient under jaw with correct stop, dark almond eye, with alert expression, sufficient forechest and depth of brisket her elbows are tight to her compact body. She has good front and rear angulation that gives her a very a balanced and clean outline, however today perhaps carrying a bit extra weight which cost her the first place on this occasion. Moved very true topline is held well as she moves out.

Open Bitch, Tyler’s ChancePixies Angelina, RBB, Brown and rust, substantial girl she is a top height for a female, head of wedge shape proportions and eye of correct colour and shape, head planes not quiet parallel displays length of neck which could be cleaner, slightly upright in shoulder but does not distract form the overall elegance and balanced. Outline is shapely and she has a strong sloping top line without exaggeration correct croup and tail set. Front and rear angels are equal and this compliments the overall picture. Best movement in her class today she moved with drive and purpose holding her topline as she moved, this was a quality class she truly deserved her top place today. The young handler really pushed all the way to win this class today.

Feeneys CH Stormhold Enigma at Diago, Black and rust, strong feminine girl with a stunning head, dark eye and ample length of muzzle correct front and sufficient forechest has depth of brisket and elbows are well tucked into body, would prefer tighter feet, slightly sloping top line, however not held as well as one on the move, slight drop in croup noticeable as she moved today however she dose move with determination. Front and rear angulation equal with good turn of stifle more compact and square than 1, lost out today as she did not have the sparkle portrayed by the class winner.


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