Best bannor 2016 aa

Sunday 8th November 2015 Open Show

Judge: Mrs Kim Nicol-Jones



I would firstly like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this show.  I had a brilliant day and the hospitality was brilliant.

I would also like to thank my 2 Stewards Isobel Legget and Albert Hope who were second to none both keeping me on my toes ….Also a big thank you to the exhibitors for giving me such a smashing entry and for bringing such good quality dogs for me to go over.

VD    1st Todd’s   Supeta’s Feeling Hot Hot Hot at Tofferbach ShCM

Stood alone in this class but of excellent quality Good size and substance lovely head and good shoulder placement, firm top line and angulation at 7 ½  years old he powered round the ring soundly and with purpose.

MPD   1st  Lainchbury’s   Ashlain Sotiros

Loved this B/R baby from the time he walked in to the ring cracking substance and balance for such a youngster. Pleasing head albeit a little jowlier than I would like but this did not detract from the overall picture. Correct length of neck and shoulder placement running into nice top line and tail set which he held on the move good depth of chest and correct angulation fore and aft.  When his handler settled him he moved well

2nd  Metcalf’s Linda’s What A Thriller

Another young man I liked lovely strong brown boy, angles not as good as my winner, again another to watch in the future

YD  1st   Todd’s  Stormhold Elite Warlord JW      

Brown male full of style quality and substance. He is well balanced nice depth of chest shoulders leading into strong top line and excellent tail set, nice rear angulation well muscled which he used to his full advantage on the move.

2nd  Cairn’s   Lamarg Toy Boy

Unfortunately left the ring before a critique could be written (as had a dog in next class) but from my notes he again is another sound boy with good substance and overall balance.

ND   1st  Cairn’s   Lamarg Espresso

Another brown boy. Stood alone in the class.  Size and substance ok.  Nice head dark eye, firm top line and correct tail set. Moved well when settled

GD  1st  Zalucka’s   Padoku For Lariza (Imp Pol)

Overall balance was good, nice head and ear set, deep chest, tight feet, but would have preferred more angulation fore and aft. Moved ok

PGD   1st   Somerville’s  Stormhold  Elite Warrior

Liked his presence style and overall balance.. Head OK with alert expression and good dentition,  neat ear set, clean tight lips and good bite dark eye. Enough forechest and top line sloping to correct tail set.  He has enough substance and angulation standing on correct tight feet.  Moved well

2nd   Ward’s  Aritaur Inglorious at Jagelka

Different type to 1, liked his presence and style head ok would have preferred it a bit stronger, good ear set and dentition, alert expression. Slighter in frame than I would like, standing on tight feet, sloping top line and good tail set, nice depth of chest, strong hind quarters which enable him to move well

LD   1st  Cairn’s  Dronski Amadeus

Have always admired this boy and he didn’t disappoint me today. He is pure male through and through cracking head with good dentition, lovely dark eye and ear set on well. Good length of neck leading into correct shoulder placement, which in turn flows nicely into firm top line and good tail set. Lovely strong bone and excellent substance. Good depth of chest with good angulation fore and aft, stands on nice tight feet. Holds everything firm when on the move which he did with full power drive and purpose Proud to award him BIS

2nd   Todd’s   Supeta’s Troublemaker for Tofferbach JW ShCh

Correct size and substance nice and compact. Masculine head lovely expression and neat ears good dentition, ample length of neck into good shoulders enough depth of chest, nice tight feet, good strong bone with good angulation moved well

OD  1st Downie’s  CH  Necht Marek

I noticed this boy when he came into the ring I loved his overall style. He has enough substance,   Compact strong dog. Masculine head with alert expression good dentition excellent front with good shoulders and enough fore chest and spring of rib . Nice firm top line and nicely set hindquarters He moved well with reach and drive. Moving straight and true pushed hard for RBIS

2nd  Feeney’s  UK/Lux CH Italo Elite House (Imp)

Well what can I say about this power house of a male smashing boy… Nice Head and expression good dentition nice length of neck firm top line and good tail set standing on the tightest of feet.   I personally would prefer more angulation fore & aft as he is a little straight for me but this does not detract from the super quality dog that he is … Moved Soundly and straight


VB  1st  Mycroft’s   Supeta’s TopTotty

Have always loved this girl and am amazed at how firm and strong she still is for her age…Shown in good condition and moved around the ring like she owned it, compact square with enough substance Good head and shoulders good forechest and spring of rib, strong top line and correct rear angulation.  Very feminine head lovely dark eye and alert expression pleased to award her BVIS also a close contender for RBIS

2nd  Balshall’s   Janzins Jamelia JW

Another quality bitch with many of the winners attributes was just a little sluggish on the move  today compared to my winner. A very worthy champion.

MPB  1st   Graham & Mycroft’s   Supeta’s Pocket Rocket at Sharhyste

Still a lot to come with this young lady but in some ways already looking like the finished product beautifully shown from the front giving a clear view of a very balanced and well schooled bitch. She has a lovely dark eye and correct ear set this then flows into a lovely reach of neck and onto well laid shoulders. She has a firm top line and lovely tail set, nice depth of chest and good bone good angulation fore and aft standing on tightest of feet. Such good muscle definition for one so young this enabled her to move freely and soundly around the ring with an air of total arrogance and the look at me factor …More than pleased to award her BPIS

2nd  Lainchbury’s  Ashlain Tyrpiti

Lovely baby girl, beautiful feminine head dark eye and good earset, lovely length of neck flowing into good shoulders, firm top line and tailset. Good angulation, a little longer cast than my 1st place but has good bone and substance which is required yet still retaining her elegance and nobility, she moves really well for one so young and in unison with her handler… another I will enjoy watching in the future

YB  1st  McIlroy-Stracey’s  Kreiger Aphrodite

Beautiful head darkest of eye with good dentition, nice ear set and lovely reach of neck flowing into correct  top line. I  liked her overall shape and size,  enough bone, strong pasterns and the tightest feet, slightly sloping top line which she held well on the move. Not overdone in any way… Very well handled

2nd  Somerville’s Stormhold Eclipse

Another smart girl liked her overall quality and balance lovely head and length of neck firm top line, angulation ok but slightly longer in loin than 1st… moved well.

NB  1st  Cairns’  Lamarg Exotica

Nice head lovely expression good ear set and front,  top line ok moved around the ring well and did everything expected from her, lovely natured girl.

GB  1st  Law & Graham’s  Sharhyste Razzle Shazzle at Hetherlands

Nice overall shape feminine head, nice ear set and good dentition.  Compact girl with good length of neck flowing into fair shoulders and good forechest, top line and tail set, ample angulation  which enabled her to move out well

2nd  Cairns’  Fizzy by the Sea at Dronski

Very strong square, compact bitch who is  well balanced, a nice overall shape,  nice spring of rib, and forechest, good shoulders top line and tail set, ample bone, tightest of feet moved very well and with purpose

PGB  1st  Graham’s  Sharhyste Maid in Essex

Presented in tip top condition. She oozes quality and style, beautiful head earset with the darkest of eyes, lovely length of muzzle, good planes and alert expression. Good length of neck flowing into well set shoulders and ample forechest nicely muscled body, lovely firm top line and good tail set. Tightest of feet, correct angulation  which enabled her to power round the ring with reach and drive… Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Reserve best in Show

2nd  Somerville’s  Stormhold Electra

Compact bitch with nice outline and head feminine but strong with a bold expression, dark eye and well constructed front with sloping top line and enough spring of rib….. Moved well

LB  1st  Feeney’s  Stormhold Enigma at Diego

This bitch demands your attention right from the start, she has a lovely head with darkest of eyes when she looks at you it’s with pure contempt and that wonderful arrogant look only a Dobe can give you. Overall her shape is lovely, she is well balanced compact and had substance with more than enough elegance.  Good front construction with ample forechest. Lovely strong top line and correct rear angulation. On the move she was straight and true.

2nd  Dunn & Wilkes’  Amazon Valentina for Lynfryds

I really liked this girl her elegance and overall ring presence she has style and a certain quality about her. She created a lovely balanced picture, nice head and darkest of eyes good planes and correct dentition. Shoulder placement is good with a lovely deep chest and ample forechest, lovely length of neck flowing into excellent shoulders,strong top line and tail set. She has lovely tight feet and excellent angulation fore and aft, in profile this girl was stunning but unfortunately she came up slightly lame when on the move.  

OB  1st  Richardson’s  Jaspirico Kokorico

This is another bitch I have admired for a long time. Full of presence. She has a good front tight strong top line and excellent angulation and is an overall balanced picture. Lovely head with the darkest of eyes good earset with a keen expression and good dentition Correct shoulder placement and enough forechest which is in balance with the rest of her, she has correct angulation top line and tailset.  Moved out straight and true with drive

2nd  McColl   Cockneyoka Hi Society  from Dieago

Lovely bitch different type to 1,  l liked  her overall shape. Lovely head and ear set with a dark eye, lovely length of neck flowing into nice shoulder placement, firm top line, overall I would prefer a touch more angulation. She moved out well with drive

                                     Kym Nicoll-Jones   (Kyricia)




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