Best bannor 2016 aa

Saturday 20th May 2017 Open Show

Judge: Mr Scott Wright

Top Honours

BEST IN SHOW -  Best Bitch, Best Veteran - Ch & Int Ch Gaindyke Eureka (Imp Fr)  

RES BEST IN SHOW - Best Dog - Ch & Lux Ch Italo Elite House (Imp Pol)  

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW -  Korifey Treasure

Reserve Best Dog - Ch Stormhold Elite Warlord for Tofferbach JW,ShCM

Reserve Best Bitch - Ch Cockneyoka Hi Society from Diego.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Jojavik Super Chief

Scottish Dobermann Club Open Show 20/05/2017

I very much enjoyed my day judging here today, having been a member for over 30 years it made for a very special day. I greatly appreciated all the entries from exhibitors, and the lovely gift from the hard working committee - you know me so well!

Best Bitch and Best In Show the bitch Int. Ch. Gaindyke Eureka, Best Dog and Res. BIS Ch., Lux CH. Italo Elite House, Best Puppy Korifey Treasure.

Veteran Dog (4 entries, two absent)

1st. Feeney's Ch. Lux Ch. Italo Elite House. 7 year old Black/Rust real stallion of a dog. In fantastic condition, a very alert and active boy. Lovely elongated wedge shaped head with lovely dark eye. Good length of neck, set correctly into well laid shoulders. He has good strong round bone, very sound front and great tight feet. Good depth of chest, rock solid top line and lovely short loin. Well angulated both ends and he moved out very well. It was an honour to judge him and in the dog challenge his attitude and type took him through to Best Dog and eventually Res BIS.

2nd. Young's Malibray Lagavuilin. 7 years old on the day - another Black/Rust dog in excellent condition and not looking his age at all. I liked his head and expression, good strong top line, but he was slightly longer than the winner and was moving rather wide in front.

Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry, 1 absent)

Puppy Dog (2 entries)

1st. Dunn, Bradley & Ingram's Jojavik Super Chief. 7 month old Black/Rust boy. Medium sized very compact boy and very balanced and together for his age. I found his head too broad in back skull for my liking which affected his expression. Very well balanced dog with very good angulation both front and rear. Good strong round bone, very good tight feet. Correct forechest, good depth, and rock hard top line. Well angulated rear, and in excellent condition. Very well handled and moved well.

2nd. McIlroy-Stracey's Stay In Style Ulan (imp Est). 9 month old Black/Rust boy, of a slightly larger frame than the class winner and I think will take longer to mature and reach his best. Lovely head, beautiful long strong elongated wedge shaped head, well shaped dark eye and excellent expression. Great bone, tight feet, strong top line , moved well and in excellent condition and well handled. Slightly less angulation both ends than the winner at this stage in his development.

Veteran Bitch (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st. Downie's Int. Ch. Gaindyke Eureka. 8 years old black/rust bitch who I just couldn't see past. I have given her a BOB previously, and she is still looking as fresh and active. Standard sized very compact bitch, gorgeous head and expression. Good length of neck well set into beautifully angulated shoulders. Terrific forechest, depth and her bone is strong but she remains feminine. Strong top line, excellent rear angulation and she moved very accurately with purpose. Yes I would like her to have perhaps an inch more on the leg, but that apart she is just what I consider a typical Dobermann bitch should be. I couldn't deny her Best Bitch and then BIS.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 entries)

Two lovely bitches

1st. Jones Korifey Treasure. A very feminine and elegant young brown/rust bitch of only 6 months, but already such a balanced girl. Standard sized and compact, she had a typical long balanced head, though rather large ears. Good forechest, very good strong top line, excellent angulation and moved soundly. Superbly schooled and presented by one of the best current handlers in the breed, she put on a great performance and won Best Puppy In Show.

2nd. Todd's Stay In Style Uslanda for Tofferbach (imp Est). A few months older black/rust bitch, but a larger bitch who will take a little longer. Excellent head and expression, lovely eye shape. Very good top line, well angulated at both ends but needs time to be more collected on the move and fulfill her potential.

Puppy Bitch (2 entries, 1 absentee).

1st. Ryan-Hoare's Amazon American Miss for Jimbaros. 10 month old black/ rust bitch who I think is going through a growing stage at the moment. A real fidget at times. Good long strong head with nice dark eye. Excellent forechest. In good condition. Not moving too well today and needs to tighten up all through.

Junior Dog (1 entry)

1st. McIlroy's In Style Ulan (Imp Est)

Yearling Dog (3 entries, I Absent)

1st. McColl& Ingram's Jojavik James Bond. 19 month old black/rust boy in excellent condition. Loved his compact outline. His head & back skull is a bit strong for my taste making his muzzle appear rather short. Excellent forechest, good depth of chest and lovely bone. Well angulated both front and rear, retained his strong top line on the move but was a wee bit untidy in front.

2nd. Windsor's Rafthouse Winchester. 18 month old brown/rust boy with a lovely friendly temperament. A the moment he is rather tall and raw looking. Well shaped head but could be a bit more masculine. Solid top line and in good condition. Needs time.

Novice Dog (3 entries(all seen) 1 absent)

1st. McIlroy's Stay In Style Ulan (Imp Est).

2nd. Windsor's Rafthouse Winchester

Graduate Dog (3 Entries)

1st. McIlroy's Stay In Style Ulan (Imp Est).

2nd. Morgan's Malibray Rhuvaal at Telenndu. Strongly built black/rust dog with a nice masculine head. Good strong top line with well laid shoulder, good outline. Tendency to stand rather cow-hocked. In excellent condition but handling needs to improve.

3rd. Brown's Dark Rocco Miratio

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries)

Not a great class.

1st. Young's Malibray Kilchoman. Very strongly built brown/rust boy. Very masculine with a very good long strong head and nice eye shape. Good strong top line, well angulated at both ends, strong top line and moved adequately.

2nd. Cairn's Lamarg Espresso. Larger brown/rust boy very similar in type to 1st. Excellent hard condition, lovely head, strong top line but poor mover and seemed very bored with proceedings.

Limit Dog (4 entries, 1 absent, I seen dog)

1st. Rennie's Korifey Rage. Difficult decision as I liked the first two in this class for different reasons. This boy was a tall black/ rust of just under two. A really showy boy, long well shaped head but perhaps could be more masculine. Good long strong neck set well into his well angulated shoulders. Excellent front and forechest. Good depth of chest and well angulated both ends. Moved well but carrying a bit more weight than I would like.

2nd. Reid's Korifey Brave JW. Standard sized masculine dog, lovely head but a bit thick in neck. Elegant and strong, good angulation but not the outline or movement if the winner.

3rd. Brown's Dark Rocco Miratio

Open Dog ( 6 entries, 1 absent). Excellent class with four champions

1st. Todd's Ch. Stormhold Elite Warlord For Toffenbach JW. Beautiful masculine brown/rust boy. Lovely well shaped head, long dry neck into well laid shoulders, very good forechest. Good depth of chest and lovely bone all through. Well angulated and moved well. Res Best Dog. Son of my Best Dog and I just wish he had inherited some of his fathers attitude and spark.

2nd. Ch. Korifey Onyx. Very different elegant yet strong black/rust boy. Wel shaped head but not quite as masculine as I would like. Very classy outline, strong top line, great angulation both ends and moved very well. I would prefer him slightly shorter but a very worthy champion.

3rd. Tyler's Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb.

Junior Bitch. (1 entry)

1st. Murray's Diego's Daisy Duke. Black rust bitch of standard size. I wasn't keen on her head, rather exaggerated and too long and narrow. Good depth of chest, good bone. Losing top line on the move and needs to strengthen and tighten up all through.

Yearling Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)

Novice Bitch (1 unseen, 4 seen dogs, two absent)

1st. Jones Korifey Treasure

2nd. Todd's Stay In Style Uslada for Tofferbach (imp Est)

3rd. Ryan-Hoare's Amazon American Miss for Jimbaros

Graduate Bitch (2 entries, 2 seen dogs, 1 absent)

1st. Downie's Knecht Marika. Gorgeous 19 month old black/rust bitch. Loved her head, long strong but feminine. Very good bone and excellent feet. Good forechest, strong top line, beautiful outline, I really liked her and thought she might well be my winner, but she was not moving as well as her construction suggests she should, not lame but almost as though she was holding herself back. Would love to see her again when she was more relaxed.

2nd. McCue's Ashlain Pefkari. Standard sized black/rust bitch. Long strong head with lovely expression. A bit longer than 1st, and a bit erratic on the move today. In great condition .

Post Graduate Bitch (2 entries)

1st. Waldie's Vonedstram Valeska. Standard size feminine bitch. Well shaped head, good strong top line and in great condition, but could do with better angulation both ends and could move with more reach and drive.

2nd. Cairn's Lamarg Exotica. Stronger medium sized black/rust bitch. Nice head, good bone and general shape but not as accurate on the move as 1st.

Limit Bitch. (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st. McIlroy's Stay In Style Shelby at Kreiger JW. Lovely strong yet feminine brown/rust bitch in great condition and very well handled. Liked her head shape, excellent angulation both ends. Good depth of chest, moved out well, very close up to the top winners.

2nd. Reid's Dobeshangrila Rebellion JW. Gorgeous outline, great angulation both ends, very strong top line, nice head but rather too deep in stop.

3rd. Verral's Camperdown Carn Aosda

Open Bitch. (6 entries).

Superb class, all lovely bitches

1st. McColl& Feeny Ch. Cockneyocka Hi Society at Diego. Real favourite of mine. Almost 6 year old bitch. Tall, elegant yet strong girl, lovely head with great expression. Very sound front, good bone, tight feet. Good depth of chest, solid top line. Very accurate on the move but I would like her to have more reach and drive.

2nd. Feeney's Ch. Stormhold Enigma at Diego. Another gorgeous girl, very close decision. Medium size strong girl with lovely outline. Beautiful head, lovely outline but not as settled on move as 1st.

3rd. McIlroy's Kreiger Aphrodite.

Judge: Scott Wright (Elsco).