Best bannor 2016 aa


An efficiently run show, with a pleasant atmosphere. All dogs were in fit, hard condition and on their best behaviour and the couple of dentition problems noticed were minor. Markings were in general correctly placed, clear and dark rust.


BIS Vonedstram Virtuoso


RBIS Diego’s de Boer


BPIS Vonedstram Kole


RBPIS Diego’s After Shock


MPD (1) 1 McGill’s Lamarg Gambler. 8 mth bl m. Square, shapely and elegant. Muzzle could be longer and planes yet to level. Dark almond eye with good underfill to strong, flat cheeks. Long dry neck to clean shoulders with equal length of u/arm to shoulder. Well boned onto tight feet. Ex’ topline. Up at brisket at the moment and bouncy on the move, but handled with kindness and patience for another day. A promising youngster


PD (4)

1 & BPIS Munro’s Vonedstram Kole 10 mth br m, square, smart, clean shape. Good wedge head with equal length of skull to foreface. Level planes and plenty of fill under dark, correct shaped eyes. Could have more u/jaw. Long dry neck onto ex’ layback of shoulder with equal length of u/arm onto strong, straight well boned legs with tight feet. Balanced angulation front and rear, vg croup and tail set. Moved well with balance and clean tracking. Very clean outline and very promising.

2 Moore & McPhee’s Trystorme Zhivago 11 mth bl male, square with smart, pleasing shape. Good quality head – level planes, good length of skull to foreface, dark, correctly shaped eyes, ok u/jaw and very good front assembly. Clean topline, but slightly low over croup. Covered ground with plenty of reach and drive, over-reached slightly on the move which made him not track as cleanly as #1 but which should hopefully change when he finishes his growth. Pleasing youngster.

3 Clarke’s Vonedstram Karik


JD (8,4a)

1 Moore & Mc’Phee’s Trystorme Zhivago

2 Cairn’s Lamarg Made Playboy 14 mths, Very strong, muscular, mature. Level head planes, with dark, almond eye and plenty of fill underneath to strong, flat cheeks and good u/jaw. Slightly short muzzle to back skull. Good length of neck onto shoulders which could be slightly better laid, but carrying extra weight over his shoulders makes him look heavier. Correct return of equal length upper arm to shoulder and tight elbows. Good topline held well on the move, vg tailset. and balanced angulation with powerful movement and good reach and drive.

3 Harkness’ Jeujaans Hi Jak


YD (4, 1a)

1 Maitland’s Supeta’s Jeu D’Esprit 2 yr, v strong boned, substantial and compact dog.Strong head with dark eye, ex’ u/jaw, would prefer a bit more length on foreface and could be cleaner on throat. Superb front, with tightest elbows allowing no gap between elbows and well sprung brisket. Ex’ layback of shoulder onto very strong topline held firm on the move. Could be slightly stronger behind to balance to the forehand, but moved with reach, drive and balance, true coming and going.

2 Sommerville’s Peaselye Del Piero 22 month, smart, well sized bl m. Pleasing wedge head with level planes, slight drop at nose, good u/jaw, good stop, dark correct shape eyes, Good length of dry neck onto well laid shoulders and good return of shoulder to upper arm which was slightly short to shoulder length. Well ribbed. Although rounded slightly at croup, had better rear angulation with plenty behind the tail, good turn of stifle and width of thigh to #1. Vg movement and overall balance.

3 Feeney’s Diego’s Bump n Grind


ND (4, 2a)

1 Moore & Mc’Phee’s Trystorme Zhivago

2 Clarke’s Vonedstram Karik 10 mth square, strong br m. Upstanding young dog with strong head, slightly wider in back skull, tight almond eyes and strong flat cheeks with good u/jaw. Good neck onto heavy shoulders due to carrying too much weight. Matching angulation front and rear, well boned onto good feet. Moved erratically and would benefit from relaxing in order to assess his movement, but what could be seen was strong with clean tracking.


PGD (6, 1a)

1 & RBD Walker’s Diego’s Caught In The Act CDEX 3.5 yr square, standard, smart br m. Level planes, good u/jaw, good stop, strong cheeks and good fill in under dark almond eye. Clean throat and dry neck onto shoulders which could be placed slightly further back, but which were very clean with no break behind withers to clean topline and vg croup. Length of upper arm fractionally short, but tight, elbows kept in on the move, with balanced angulation front and rear. Medium bone onto tight feet. Shapely tuck up. Very balanced mover with good reach and drive with rotary action. Tracked very cleanly, footfall perfect and moved with elegance. A very tidy and correctly proportioned dog.

Verrall’s 2 Creag nan Gabhar 2.5 yr square, standard sized bl dog. Slightly heavy skull to foreface, dark almond eyes, good stop and depth of muzzle, ok u/jaw. Flews and throat could be cleaner, but good length of neck onto slightly upright shoulders. Short straight upper arm, although elbows kept in on the move. Strong ribbing with plenty of forechest. Good bone and tight feet. Good topline held well on the move, covered the ground purposefully, moving with reach and drive.

3 Young’s Trystorme Brigadoon at Malibray.


LD, BD & RBIS (6, 1a)

1 Sommerville’s Diego’s De Boer 22 month upstanding v smart black dog. Ex’ head with level planes, ex’ depth of muzzle and strong u/jaw. Strong flat cheeks with good fill under dark, almond eyes and correct ear set. Long dry neck onto slightly straight shoulders and upper arm, but tight, well set under elbows to strong ribbing. Well boned onto strong pasterns and tight feet. V clean topline, vg croup, good rear end with plenty behind the tail and well developed second thigh. Moved with balance, reach and drive, strong and true with ex’ rotary action and perfect footfall. A high tone dog standing with super attitude.

2 Harkness’ Jeujaans Segreto Stregrone 17 mth elegant, black dog. Ex’ wedge head and good overall head proportions with dark, almond eye, good u/jawaw and strong flat cheeks. Long, dry neck onto slightly straight shoulders and upper arm. Good bone, strong pasterns and tight feet. Covered the ground with ease, vg reach, drive, balance and tracked true, vg croup and plenty of rear angulation with good second thigh.

3 Taylor & Ryan’s Khazaddum Eye of Sauron


OD (3, 1a)

1 Michael’s Trystorme Standing Ovation, eye catching, smart 5 yr bl m. Good head with level planes, well filled under dark eye to strong cheeks and good u/jaw, long neck onto ex’ front angulation with good forechest and depth of brisket, well ribbed, strong bone, well marked. Good projection behind the tail with good turn of stifle and strong second thigh. Longer in loin than #1 but his angulation is excellent. Moved with reach, drive and balance and tracked true.

2 Taylor & Ryans’ Talinaur Crusader at Khazaddum well boned, square, solid 5 yr br m.Would benefit from slightly longer muzzle, dark almond shaped eye, well filled under to strong flat cheeks. Clean neck onto short, hard topline. U/arm could be better returned to shoulder, and elbows were therefore not as tight to brisket but kept well in on the move. Firm short ribbing with short loin, vg croup, good width of second thigh and tight feet. Very fit and hard condition and very able for work. Covered ground well with strong strides, drive and good balance and tracked true


PB (7,2a)

1 & RBPIS Freers’ Diego’s After Shock 11 month square bl b shapely, mature with good matching angulation. Head planes yet to level, vg u/jaw, strong flat cheeks with plenty of fill under tight, dark eye. Good length of dry neck onto well laid, clean shoulders good. Strong, straight legs and strong pasterns with good bone onto tight feet. Well ribbed. Topline held very firm on the move, covering the ground comfortably with reach, drive balance and good rotary action, tracked clean and kept elbows in on the move.

2 Taylor & Ryan’s Khazaddum A Touch To Die For. 11 month square, elegant bl b. Very dark almond shaped eye, good under fill onto flat cheeks and enough u/jaw. Long dry neck onto good shoulders and correct return of shoulder to u/ arm of equal length. Strong, straight legs and pasterns, with good bone onto tight feet. Slightly tighter rear angulation than #1. Both #1 and #2 rounded slightly over croup.

3 Sommerville’s Krieger Naughty But Nice


JB (4)

1 Todd’s Supeta’s Chaka Khan at Toffarbach 12 month v smart, square bl bitch.This young bitch is very promising. Head planes need to level, and although she was pushed v hard by the 2nd place bitch, her body shape, overall balance, movement and ring presence, caught my eye. Very well laid shoulders with ex’ return of u/arm, short firm ribbing with elbows well set under, and short loin, tidy tuck up and vg croup. Moved with balance, reach and drive and tracked true. Slightly bum high at the moment, and too young against strong competition to be considered for top awards today, but liked her very much.

2 Harkness’ Jeujaans Ace Hi 16 month, square, elegant black bitch. Ex’ head, long wedge with dark almond eyes, level planes. Clean dry neck, short, firm back, ex’ croup. Slightly up at brisket at the moment, and needs time to body up., but I liked her clean outline and balanced movement. When finished should be a vg bitch. Unfortunate to meet #1 who was more together today than she was.

3 Taylor & Ryan’s Khazaddum Sealed With A Kiss


YB (3)

1 Sommerville’s Peaselye Alumini 20 month, square, shapely black bitch.Good length of head with equal length skull to foreface and level planes. Dark almond eye with good underfill, strong flat cheeks and good u/jaw. Good neck length, clean shoulders. Would prefer fractionally more angulation front and rear but angulation matched front and rear enabling her to move with balance. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Bit rounded over croup. Vg tight feet. Moved with vg balance, covering the ground well.

2 Cranston’s Mountcraig Ain’t Bothered 23 month showy, square brown bitch.Good length of head, planes not parallel and would prefer more width of foreface. Dark almond eyes, with good fill under to strong, flat cheeks. Clean neck onto v firm backline held well on the move. Elbows well tucked in and set under and well ribbed Ex’ croup and tailset, would benefit from more turn of stifle and wider thigh. A very attractive bitch.

3 Goldie’s Khazaddum Catalina


NB (7,4a)

1 Freers’ Diego’s After Shock

2 Goldie’s Khazaddum Catalina – 14 mth very smart, square black bitch. Well proportioned head with equal length of skull to foreface which could have more width and depth of muzzle with a bit more u/jaw. Very dark, almond eyes, needs more fill under eye. Very clean neck and shoulders. Slightly short and straight u/arm. Deep ribbing and good tuck up. Medium bone, very tight feet. She would have won any class for the cleanest topline and tailset of the day. Plenty behind the tail and super width of thigh, with good turn of stifle. Moved with balance and elegance, tracked cleanly.

3 Waldie’s Vonedstram The Kobra


GB (5) Two ex’ bitches.

1 & RBB Cranston’s Mountcraig Ain’t Misbehavin 23 month smart, square black bitch.

Liked this bitch very much. Good length wedge head, level planes, well filled under dark eye, good u/jawaw, clean neck onto well placed shoulders, exc’ front angulation balanced well to the rear. Well laid shoulders with near equal upper arm length, and tight elbows, well set under withers. Strong straight pasterns, vg tight feet. Well boned but still elegant. Faultless topline held firm on the move, and clean croup. Good projection behind the tail, correct turn of stifle. Well marked with dark enough rust markings, movement was free and balanced with plenty of reach and drive.

2 Downie’s Knecht Decca 2 yr smart and elegant black bitch. Good wedge and vg head planes, with plenty of fill under dark eye, strong cheeks, ok u/jaw, clean neck and shoulders, vg front angulation with super forechest, tight elbows kept well in on the move and clean topline, slightly longer in ribbing and loin than #1, good tuck up and v tidy croup. Plenty behind the tail and good width of thigh. Movement free and balanced with plenty of reach and drive.

3 Verrall’s Dink Dink


PGB (2)

1 Feeney’s Diego’s Dior 3 yr square, smart black bitch. Clean head with good wedge, dark almond eyes with good underfill. Enough u/jaw, level planes. Long, elegant, dry neck onto clean shoulder with good front angulation. Short coupled, strong rear end with good width of thigh and super feet. When moved steadily, tracked very true with ground covering strides and clean footfall.

2 Young’s Trystorme Beezie Madden at Malibray 22 month smart and elegant black bitch. Good wedge head with equal muzzle length to back skull, dark almond eyes with good underfill. Elegant dry neck and clean topline, and lovely croup. Good depth of chest and well sprung brisket, tidy tuck up. Moved with reach and drive although slightly wide coming on. Plenty behind the tail and vg angulation.


LB (8,2a)

1 Downie’s Knecht Nanita 3 yr strong and smart black bitch. Good wedge head with good skull width, would benefit from more on the muzzle. Dark almond eyes, good underfill, correct ear set. Clean and long neck onto good shoulders with elbows well set under and staying tight on the move, consequently moving very cleanly with balance, drive and good rear rotary action tracking true and clean coming and going. Well marked, good tight feet and well boned.

2 Feeney’s Diego’s Too Funky Strong, 4.5 yr square black bitch. Good head with level planes, correct width of muzzle to back skull. Balanced front and rear angulation with elbows well set under and kept in on the move, medium bone onto strong straight legs and firm pasterns with tight feet. Had fun troubling her patient handler on the move, however, when she settled, she had ground covering movement and clean tracking.

3 Wilson-Simpson’s Newtrows Janjo


OB (10,6a)

1 & BIS Elmslie’s Ch Vonedstram Virtuoso 5 yr square, elegant black bitch. Very pleasing head with clean narrow skull, level planes and good stop to correct proportion of muzzle, v dark almond eye well filled under to flat cheeks and good u/jaw. Long elegant neck onto ex’ shoulders, with correct return and length of upper arm. Good spring of rib to tight elbows kept well in on the move, well boned onto good tight feet. Short, clean, firm back held well on the move, ex’ croup. Plenty behind the tail to vg rear angulation, strong second thigh and strong hocks. Very balanced movement with good rotary action and footfall perfect with very clean tracking.

2 Legget’s Vonedstram Verona at Swanwite 5 yr v smart black bitch. Crisp outline. Of the same, clean style as #1 but with more height. Good head with clean, narrow skull, level planes and good stop with correct muzzle proportion. Dark almond eye with good underfill and strong flat cheeks, good u/jaw. Clean neck, shoulder slightly upright, as is upper arm, which is of good length, to shoulder. Ultra clean topline and croup. Well marked. Good turn of stifle with plenty of power from the rear. Moved with ground covering stride, very balanced and true. 3 McPherson’s Knecht Golda

Jay Horgan (n Kershaw)

Sunday 16th March 2008 Open Show

Judge: Mrs Jay Horgan [Aritaur]

Top Honours

BIS - Ch Vonedstram Virtuoso

RBIS - Diegos De Boar

BPIS - Vonedstram Karik

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