Best bannor 2016 aa

Sunday 17th March 2013 Open Show

Judge: Bridgitte Bodle

My thanks to the club for the invitation and hospitality and also the lovely gift given in honour of my appointment. Such a shame the weather took a turn for the worse as there were quite a few absentees on the day.

VD [4,2abs[ 1 and BIS Somervilles Diego’s De Boer Sh.CM Upstanding b/t rising 8. Well off for bone and substance but still has elegance, masculine head of good wedge shape, ears set on correctly and used well. Well developed forechest and good depth of brisket, slightly sloping topline to good croup and muscled quarters, strong pasterns to well arched feet. Moves with good driving action 2. Freers Diego’s Carpe Diem b/t rising 9. Liked this boys head with lovely dark eye and intelligent expression. Not as well muscled as the winner and feet could be better. Moved out well around the ring.

PD [2,abs]


VB [5,2abs] 1 Dunns Nearctic Ginny Weasley At Gylemuir. 7 yr b/t who appealed for her shape and size, well balanced and elegant, good head shape with almost eye and small ears used well. straight forelegs to compact feet, well sprung ribs, tidy underline, still retains strength in the hocks which allowed her to move out well across the ring. 2 Feeneys Diegos Dior. Very pretty b who is the litter sister to the BV, small than the winner of this class but of pleasing shape, well proportioned head, dark eye, elegant through the neck and shoulders, deep chested with tidy elbows. Not quite the movement of the winner 3. Andersons Janzins On Remand at Strathmill

PB [3] 1 and BPIS Dunns Gylemuir Midnight Mistique 11mth br/r. This beautiful pup makes a pleasing picture when stacked, soundly constructed and elegant all through, feminine head of good shape with flat skull and well filled under the eyes, lovely arch to neck leading cleanly into well laid shoulders, forechest well developed for age, shapely body with firm topline and moderately angulated quarters, sufficient length of rib, free and sound mover from all directions. 2 Sommervilles Stormhold’s Capella 10mth b/t well presented with proportionate head, correct bite and good depth of muzzle, straight forelegs to compact feet, well sprung ribs, moved well in profile with particularly good front movement for her age. I preferred the length of neck of the winner 3. Harkness Jeujann Nazurra

JD [3,1abs] 1 and RBD Richardsons Jasprico Jazz Master Flash JW, this 14mth b/t is a real showman, excellent bone and substance, I loved the masculinity, proudness and strength in his head, strong slightly arched neck, well boned forelegs to very good feet, firm slightly sloping topline, strong loin, very well muscled quarters, covered the ground so easily with excellent reach and drive. Well presented and handled. 2 Cairns Dronski Amadeus big upstanding b/t of 15mths definitely all male with a strong head of good proportions, dark eye, well boned forelegs, deep brisket, moved with great purpose. For me he just lacked that hint of elegance which the winner had.

YD [2,1abs] 1 Campells Jojavik Pinball Wizard At Raithcor JW 18mth br/r strongly made boy with good bone and substance yet retains some elegance, decent head shape with eye and nose pigment complimenting his coat, clean slightly arched neck, shoulders well laid, firm topline retained on the move, moved well in profile.

GD [2,1abs] 1Swans Samenco My Irish Boy [Imp] 4 ½ yr old /t well grown boy with good bone and substance and well muscled all through, deep chested with tidy elbows but rather upright in shoulder which was highlighted in his lack of front reach. However he did move with good rear drive.

PGD [2,1abs] 11 Verralls Camperdown Glas Tulaichean 2yr b/t I particularly liked this boys head shape and good use of ears enhanced his expression however I would have liked a slightly darker eye. Of sound construction with deep chest, well laid shoulders and muscled quarters, steady mover.

LD [6,3abs] 1 Dunns Gylemuir Strathlockie 3 ½ yr br/r not the biggest one in the class but by far the best mover. Head could be a little stronger but he has a nice arch to his neck, matched in front and rear angulation, strong hocks and quarters enabled him to move with great drive and ground covering strides, would have liked a firmer topline . 2 Morgans Malibray Finlaggan For Telenndu. I really liked this 2 ½ yr b/t boy but he insisted on pacing and despite giving him several chances the owner couldn’t get him together. Super head and expression, lovely eye and use of ear giving a bold expression, well boned all through and of good substance but not overdone, super depth of chest and moderately angulated well muscled quarters. 3 Wilson Harkness and Simpsons Jeujaan Icaro Dittorio

OD [6,1abs] Wonderful class to judge with quality right down the line. 1 BD and RBIS Cairns CH Supetas Secret Wizard At Dronski JW Sh.CM Powerful 2 ½ yr b/t. Head is well chiselled strong and masculine, dark eye and well placed ears. Impressive on the stack and stands naturally four square, well developed in forechest, firm topline and croup. Moderate bend of stifle and strong hocks, very exuberant on the move but covers the ground with great reach and drive. Handled and presented to advantage. 2 Feeneys CH Italo Elite House [Imp] slightly taller and a touch shorter in body than the winner but never the less very pleasing to the eye, strong head with well set eyes, deep muzzle and correct bite, neck is of good length with slight arch, strong pasterns and compact feet, shoulders are laid well but would have liked at touch more rear angulation, sound from all angles. 3 McIlroy Straceys Kriegers The Wizard of Oz JW

JB [6,1abs] 1 BB and BIS Moore and McPhees Jaspirco Betty Boop 14mth b/t who is the litter sister to the RBD. What a little stunner! From the top her nose to the tip of her ever wagging tail she exuded breed type and sheer elegance. Beautifully balanced with head just right for age, well set dark eyes giving an intelligent yet biddable expression, clean arched neck of good length, chest developing well for age. Slight slope to topline, shapely quarters with just the right amount of angulation. Completely unhindered by her handler, it was a joy to watch them move together in such harmony around the ring where I found her movement to be sound and free flowing from all angles. She didn’t put a foot wrong all day and I was delighted to award her BIS. 2 Richardsons Jaspirco Kokorico. Litter sister to the winner and similar remarks apply although she has slightly better feet than the winner but not her strength in topline. Beautiful head and expression, matched in front and rear angulation, has good drive. Must have been a lovely litter. 3. Mulhollands Tom-Dober Stardust Marillium.

YB[2] 1.McIlroys Krieger Serbian Surprise 4th in JB, this 15mth b/t went so much better in this class. Feminine and elegant through the head, neck and shoulders, good earset and correct bite, sufficient forechest for age, very good spring of rib and bend of stifle, moved with good reach and drive retaining her shape and topline. 2 Harkness Jeujaans Icaya Dittorio 23mth b, strongly made yet feminine, has an excellent forechest with deep brisket and tidy underline, strong quarters with moderate end of stifle, just a touch weak in hock when moving away.

NB [4] 1. Gylemuir Midnight Mistique 2. Jaspirco Kokorico 3. Kriegers Serbian Surpise.

GB [3,1abs] 1. Morgans Malibrays Turning Tables At Telenndu 114mth b/t, pleasing in outline and well balanced, attractive head of good shape and lovely dark eye. Well boned forelegs, strong pasterns, good spring of rib, moved well once she settled down. 2 Tom- Dober Stardust Marillium on the stack this bitch is pleasing to the eye, strong yet feminine with well developed forechest and deep brisket, strong pasterns down to compact feet, sadly her movement was a little erratic and difficult to assess. Would love to judge her again outside one day.

PGB [3,1as] 1 Verralls Carn Aosda this 2 yr old gets the prize for the best feet of the day! A feminine girl who stands quite proudly with slight arch to neck and well placed shoulders, deep chest and firm topline although would have liked a slightly more obvious slope to it. Shapely well developed quarters. A good honest exhibit with much to like and worthy of a second look in the challenge. 2 Young and Dellars Malibrays Incahoots, taller bitch with much elegance especially through the neck and shoulders, she also has an excellent depth of chest and very well sprung ribs, not as strong in the rear as the winner.

LB [8,5] Lovely to get my hands on such well muscled exhibits, something which is often sadly lacking. 1 Cairns Tuwos Jackie ‘O’ at Dronski JW, feminine and eyecatching being balanced in outline with good bone and substance, excellent front legs and feet with strong pasterns, lovely arch to neck, good use of ears, well placed shoulders and moderate bend of stifle, tidy underline good muscle definition and visible second thigh, a strong mover who covered the ground well 2. McColl and Feeneys Cockneyoka High Society from Diego. I thought this young lady would have been my winner on first glance as she has most of what I was looking for, very feminine and elegant through the neck and shoulders, attractive head with well set dark eye and pleasing expression, excels in forechest, straight well boned forelegs, tidy elbows, deep brisket and shapely quarters, today however not the reach and drive of the winner but still much to like. 3 Watsons Diego’s Trulli Scrumptious CDEX

OB [7,5abs] 1 Sommervilles CH Diego’s Temptation with Stormhold This 3 yr old has the most beautiful head and expression, dark eye which seem to hold my gaze as I went over her, good skull shape, correctly set ears which were used well, clean elegant neck, matched front and rear angulation, brisket well down, well muscled thighs and strong hocks allowed her to cover the ground freely and easily with good drive. 2 Hull and Glass’s Gaindyke Ells Bells, upstanding girl, taller than the winner but not lacking in bone or substance, good head proportions, well developed chest with well sprung ribs, strong loin, moderately angulated rear, not as strong in rear movement as the winner.

Some Pictures from the show and the Judges Critique

Sorry we do not have class winners pictures from this show our photographer was rubbish [Charlie Coll] so he was sacked! :-)