Best bannor 2016 aa

The Scottish Dobermann Club held an open show. Overall I thought the quality of dogs was good and I think the breed is in safe hands. Unfortunately I must take issue with a lot of exhibitor’s over-use of bait. Some dogs were like nodding donkeys and movement difficult to assess as dogs were moving with their heads across the handler with legs going in all directions. Please don’t spoil these otherwise good dogs.


BIS: Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram

RBIS: Malibray Finlaggan for Telenndu

BP: Tuwos Jackie O at Dronski.

BV: Krieger Hot Shot



VD (4) 1st McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Hot Shot, b/rust or nearly 8 years, good type, in lovely condition, good head, neck, front & topline, short coupled, well angulated all round and well handled. 2nd Watson’s Diego’s Caught in the Act, br/rust nearly 8yrs, nice dog in good condition, good angulation, short coupled, head, neck, front & topline good. Unfortunately he crabbed when moving due to his obedience training I was told. 3rd Freer’s Diego’s Carpe Diem.



MPD (1) 1st Campbell’s Jojavik Pinball Wizard, 6mths br/rust, very nice youngster, good head, neck, angles, topline, feet & tailset, moved well. Handler got the best out of this baby.



PD (1) 1ST Wilson, Simpson & Harkness’s Jeujaans Lacro Dittorio, 11mnths b/rust. Lovely type, quite mature for age, very good head, neck, front & angles, sloping topline, good tuck up, moved & handled well.



VB (5) McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Illicit Proposal, b/rust , nearly 8 yrs, good quality, presented an elegant picture, good head, neck, front & topline, well angulated, moved & handled well. 2nd Wilson & Simpson’s Newtrow’s Janjo, b/rust of 8 1/2yrs, larger type than 1. Head, neck & front good, well off for bone & substance.



MPB (1) Cairn’s Tuwos Jacki O at Dronski, 7mth b/rust, lovely pup, full of promise, lovely outline, very elegant, plenty of everything required. Head, neck topline & angulation good, correct underline, tight feet, well handled to show off her attributes. No overbaiting.



PB (2) 1 Murray’s Cockneyoka Hi Velocity, 9mths b/rust, nice pup, good angles, head, neck, topline, feet & body, short coupled, moved well. 2nd Harkness’s Jeujan Ilia Dittorio, 11mths b/rust, good body, head, neck, bone & feet good, short coupled, moved well.


JD (2) Carin’s Lamarg Drunk n Disorderly, 15mth b/rust, well mature for age, good head, neck, topline, bone & angles. Played up on the move but when he dropped into gear he can move well. Nice young dog. 2nd Verral’s Camperdown Glas Tulaichlean, 14mths b/rust, finer type than 1. Needs to mature & body up. Would benefit from ringcraft training.



YD (1) 1st Taylor’s Khazaddum Real Rock n Roller, 20mths br/rust, good head, neck & topline, short coupled, nice tuck, angles good.



ND (2) 1st Jeujann’s Icaro dittorio, 2nd Swan’s Samenco My Irish Boy, b/rust, good type. Needs to tighten up. Head, neck, topline, angles & feet all good, short coupled. When he gets used to showing I think there are some cards waiting for him. Moved well.



GD (4) 1st Swan’s Samenco My irish boy, 2nd Lamarg Drunk n Disorderly.



PGD (1) 1st Elmslie’s Darkiss Maximus Decimus at Kinmouth, b/rust, lovely young dog, well handled, in hard condition, good head, neck, topline, angulation & feet, short coupled body, good underline, very stylish dog (RBD).



LD (6) Morgan’s Malibray Finlaggan for Telenndu, b/rust, handsome young dog. Judged him as a puppy and gave him BOB. He has not disappointed in his development. Fits the standard so well. Elegant & powerful, correct sloping topline, super head, strong neck & front assembly, short coupled, good underline, goodbone & tight feet. Hope he continues his winning ways. Powered round the ring (RBIS). 2nd McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger’s The Wizard of Oz, another quality dog from this kennel. Good head, neck, topline & angles, moved well. Just think he needs a bit more time to develop further. 3rd Harkness’s Jeujaan Lavido Le Vito.



OD (8) 1st Mulholland’s Ir Dh Aritaur Tomoahwak Marillium, b/rust, lovely outline, very well schooled & handled well. Good head, neck, topline, underline, well boned, good substance, feet good, well angulated, moved well. 2nd Cairn’s Supeta’s Secret Wizard at Dronski, b/rust, well mature for age, handled to advantage. Good head, neck, topline & overall construction. Not overdone at all, lovely youngster who I hope develops further. 3rd Feeney’s Italo Elite house



JB (4) 1st McColl & Feeney’s Cockneyoka High Society from Diego, b/rust, very nice bitch, elegant outline, good head, neck, front, strong topline, good tuck up, good feet, moved well. 2nd Chalmer’s Jeujaan Caldo Epicante, b/rust, very frisky young lady, well constructed all round, angles good, good type. Needs to settle down. 3rd Cairn’s Lamarg Drama Queen.



PGB (3) Watson’s Diego’s Truly Scrumptious, br/rust, good quality coat & colour, good head & eye colour, neck flows into good topline, angulation good all round. Nice tuck up, good feet, one of the best outlines here. Just needs a bit more maturity of body. Moved well. 2nd Michael’s Darkiss Bewitched, b/rust, decent quality bitch. Carrying a bit too much weight & could have moved better.



LB (8) Harkness’s Oxana Z Padoku von Jeujann, b/rust, strong type of good proportions, good head shape, good neck into hard topline, well off for bone& substance, good feet, moved well (RBB). 2nd Waldie’s Vondestram Kolina, b/rust, good head & neck. Topline could be tighter which showed when moving. Well angulated, good feet. 3rd Campbell’s Krieger Moonlight Sonata.


OB (4) 1st Waldie’s Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram, b/rust, stunning bitch, read the standard & see this young lady. Well handled & moved as a Dobermann should. She really is exceptional. I do hope when mated she can reproduce as good as she is (BIS). 2nd Downie & Glass’s Ch Gaindyke Eureka, b/rust, very good bitch, excels in all departments. Movement let her down, she insisted on bait hunting which totally blew her movement. 3rd Jeujann’s Lavada le Vita. · Updated at about 5 months ago

Sunday 18th March 2012 Open Show

Judge: Ann Barker

Top Honours

BIS: Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram

RBIS: Malibray Finlaggan for Telenndu

BP: Tuwos Jackie O at Dronski.

BV: Krieger Hot Shot