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First Aid Coarse February 2013

On 3 Feb 2013, the Scottish Dobermann Club held a First Aid Seminar at Ace Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy Centre, Ayr, with Rachel Rowe.


When we arrived we were welcomed and offered tea and coffee. There was a good turn out, and  those who were unable to attend missed out on a very informative day. Our morning started of with a slide show, with full details of all requirements to help our dogs, and help us identify illness, lameness, and generally being off colour.We were shown how to bandage our furry friends, with lots of things you have around the house, ie; baby’s nappy,

apply a muzzle, crepe bandage, salt !


In the afternoon, we then had to put into practice what we learnt from our demonstration and slide show,  from putting on cream, to applying a bandage and using a nappy on your dogs paw.


This turned out to be a bit of a giggle, but we all managed very well. We had the most wonderful patients to work on and they were very well behaved and very tolerant at our efforts. We had to learn how to bandage a ripped ear, using pads and crepe bandages, fix up an injured paw using a small babies nappy, it was well padded and waterproof then held together with vet wrap.


We then had to bandage a chest injury this was just a tricky as the ear but all managed very well.


Things to keep in your first aid box for your best friend, Hibby scrub, swabs, saline wash, dressings, vet wrap, flea spray, tick extractor.


Margaret Young

Thanks to Margaret Young for the article below