Best bannor 2016 aa


VD (6) (3abs)

1. McIlroy’s Ch Krieger Sure Shot Nice to see this 8 year old worthy champion looking in such fine fettle. Lovely masculine head, square outline, moved well BVIS.

2. McIlroy-Stracey’s Ch Krieger Storm another worthy champion litter brother to 1.

3. Elmslie’s Vonedstram Kwinto


VB (4) (2abs)

1. Wright’s Elsco The Private Dancer

2. Dunn’s Kramnarak Straight Ace Two lovely 10 year old blacks. Both good examples of the breed and in very good condition, enjoying their outing.


MPD (5)

1. Barrow’s Diegos Dela Rosa Promising 7 month black nice size for age, dark eyes, good forechest and depth, adequate bone, elegant outline BPD & BPIS

2. McIntosh’s Diego Detonator Another rnice square black litter brother to 1,compact with goodbone just needs todrop.

3. Watson’s Diegos Dela Cruz


MPB (3)

1. Feeney’s Diegos Dior Nice elegant square black of 7 months, overall promising picture BPB

2. Park’s Diegos Dallas litter sister to1 another quality puppy with dark eyes, enough substance for age.

3. Harkness’ Jeujaans Amore Vietato


PB (1)

1. Wright’s Veederhall Awna Primis at Elsco 10 month black, sound and balanced, dark eye, good head planes, elegant neckline, plenty of forechest and depth – nice overall picture


JD (4)

1. Bisland’s Trystorme Lucky Luciano – large black, liked his head, dark eye and keen expression. Would prefer more defined markings but a very sound, balanced dog who stood square when stacked and moved well.

2. Crook’s Ruthrie James Dean – Tall black, lovely head and expression, elegant neckline and good overall outline.

3. Penn’s Penultimate PureVintage


YD (5)

1. Saunders’ Showadows Lehvak-Kal – Upstanding black, very masculine, liked his head and expression, good depth and forechest , plenty of substance but still elegant.

2. McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Hot Shot – Sound and balanced, another nice headed one with dark eye and good expression. Again enough substance without losing elegance.

3. Freer’s Diegos Carpe Diem


ND (4)

1. T LuckyLuciano

2. K Hot Shot

3. D Detonator


GD (1)

1. Barr’s Ellaness Brabas – Short coupled black with enough forechest and depth, sound and balanced and a good mover


PGD (7) (3)

1. Davies’Knecht Falco –Black – good head planes, dark eye, elegant neckline, adequate forechest and depth of brisket, short coupled, well angulated rearend, sound and balanced, moved well

2. Ryan’s Talinaur Crusader at Khazaddum – Brown – similar in outline to 1, nice head and expression, lovely neckline, plenty of forechest and depth, strong rear end

3. Harkness’Jeujaans Segreto Stregone


LD (7) (3)

1. Fraser & Passey’s Gaindyke Grand Design – Really liked this black boy with plenty of substance yet elegant. Lovely head and expression, dark eye and good ear carriage. Deep forechest and well sprung ribcage going well back, good bone throughout, shapely rear end and sound movement completed the picture RBD

2. McIlroy’s Krieger Entertainer – Black with nice overall outline – dark eyes – sound and balanced standing on tight feet

3. Michael’s Trystorne Standing Ovation


OD (6) (1)

1. Pagen’s Ch Trystorme Highlander. Very eye catching black, beautiful head with dark eye, crisp neckline, superb front assembly, good spring of rib, strong shapely rear end – overall picture of soundness and balance and a good mover BD and RBIS

2. Campbel’s Krieger Endurance – Brown – sound, square and honest, well angulated both ends. Classy outline stacked and moved out well

3. Wright’s Elsco The Next Generation


JB (4) (1)

1. McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Illicit Proposal Black – nice type and size, pretty face with dark eyes, short coupled body, adequate forechest and well let down brisket – overall very balanced

2. Penn’s Penultimate Sweet Dream –Another nice black, elegant neckline, good depth and forechest, again sound and balanced

3. Ryan’s Patriot Miss at Khazaddum


YB (5) (1)

1. Ryan’s Diegos Starstruck at Khazaddum – Black of the standard size I like, very feminine, pretty head and expression, square compact body, short coupled and moved well

2. Flynn’s Gangsta Girl – Black –taller and bigger all round but well balanced and elegant – lovely crisp neckline, good forechest and depth

3. Feeney’s Pompie Wham Bam at Diego


GB (3)

1. Barr’s Ellaness Quattro – Sound black of good size and balance. Very feminine with good depth and forechest. Handler tends to over stretch her

2. Bisland’s Trystorme Indignation – Bigger black but overall nice bitch who is sound and balanced – good head planes and elegant neckline

3. Erskine’s Diegos Catalunya


PGB (8) (3)

1. Wilson- Simpson’s Newtrows Janjo Overall lovely black – Appealing head with dark eye, keen expression and correct earset, well angulated both ends, sound and balanced very showy

2. Saunders’ Crystal Lass at Showadows- Very honest black, good all round, pretty head, plenty of substance but retaining elegance

3. Harkness’ Jeujaans Aruna


LB (6)

1. Feeney’s Diegos Too funky – Very feminine and elegant black. Nice head with dark eye,graceful neckline, short coupled body, well angulated both ends. Overall very sound and balanced RBB

2. Wilson’s Newtrows Dark Secret for Mortrud- Stockier black but very sound and balanced, keen expression, good forechest and depth of brisket

3. Nelson’s Davlynn Makin Whoopee


OB (7) (3)

1. Elmslie’s Vonestram Virtuoso – Most beautiful black –Liked everything about her- good head planes, dark eye, correct earset, keen but feminine expression. Super front assembly, short square body, well angulated rear. Created a picture of quality and elegance standing and did not disappoint on the move BB and BIS

2. McIlroy/Rutherford’s Krieger Endless Love – another lovely black, super head withdark eyes, correct highset small ears, elegant reach of neck, well angulated both ends very sound and balanced.

3. Somerville’s Gaindyke Mattea of Peaselye



Sunday 4th December 2005 Open Show

Judge: Mrs Mandy Clements -


Top Honours

BIS - Vonedstran Virtuoso

RBIS - Ch Trystorm Highlander

BV - Ch Krieger Sure Shot JW

BPIS - Diego's Dela Rosa

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