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About the Doberman

German tax collector, Louis Dobermann, is credited with developing this breed in the late 1860s. He needed a dog that would both protect him and ‘encourage’ slow payers, and decided his dog should be a larger version of the Pinscher. He quickly fixed breed type, using the old-style German Shepherd and the Pinscher to obtain a mix of brain, soundness, toughness of character and quick terrier-like reaction. Other breeds, such as the Weimaraner, Rottweiler, Greyhound and Manchester Terrier, helped refine his scenting powers, strength, speed and coat.

This elegant, intelligent dog has since made his mark in the canine popularity polls throughout the world. Extremely alert, with a clean outline encompassing strength and agility, he is a skilful tracker and is often used for police work. His gleaming, short, hard coat is easily cared for. Usually black and tan, he can also be brown, blue or fawn with rust-red markings.

The Dobermann has a very adaptable outlook to life and fits into a family well, playing with and guarding children. He enjoys riding in a car, and will take over the most comfortable chair in the house without even a second thought. He makes an excellent obedience dog, and the breed is numerically strong in the show ring.


Breed Group - Working,

Size - Large 

How much exercise? - More than 2 hours per day 

Length of coat - Short

How much grooming? - Once a week 

Supposedly sheds? * - Yes

Town or Country - Either Type of home - Large House 

Minimum Garden Size - Large

Lifespan - Over 10 Years

* If you are asthmatic or have an allergy, you should consult

your medical advisor before considering obtaining a dog.

More information can also be found on the Kennel Club website.


Accepted Colours for Registration


Black & Rust Red (White Anc)

Black With Red Rust (Tan)

Blue & Red Rust (White Anc)

Blue With Rust Red (Tan)

Brown & Red Rust (White Anc)

Brown With Rust Red (Tan)

Cream & White (White Ancestry)

Fawn & Rust Red (White Anc)

Fawn With Red Rust (Tan)

Isabella & Rust Red (White An)

Isabella With Rust Red (Tan)

White - Colour Not Recognised By KC


Schemes or advice relevant to the Dobermann


The following schemes, tests and/ or advice are mandatory requirements for Kennel Club Assured Breeders. All other breeders are strongly advised to use these schemes, tests and/ or advice.


BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme

DNA test - vWD


It is strongly recommended that both Kennel Club Assured Breeders and non-Kennel Club Assured Breeders should use the following schemes, tests and/ or advice.


BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme - PHPV test


The list above is not necessarily comprehensive, other available health tests can be found at


When buying a puppy please make sure the parents have been fully heart tested.

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