Best bannor 2016 aa

Many congratulations to the committee on the lovely show that they worked so hard to achieve & it went so well. Thank you for the invitation to judge males.It was a pleasure to have such a great Co-judge as ‘Harriet McLean’ & to see our Referee after so many years the well known ‘Lachie Galbraith’ was just great.

Many thanks to my steward.


I was amazed that the Males have not improved since I last judged them, many have poor lay of shoulders or weak hindquarters & hardly any had tight feet! However I was pleased that most of my winners were very close to our standard, in height & balanced in conformation.


My Dog CC winner was a joy to watch moving around the ring not dragging his hindquarters behind him like so many did. My Res Dog CC winner was a puppy. I have never ever given to one so young before, but he was just so outstanding & so sound like my CC winner. Both future stars & both sired by the Open Dog winner here today, songrats the the sire producing two super youngsters.


Veteran (1 entry)

Pagans Ch Trystorme Highlander JW Stood alone, but with pride for a 9 yrs Veteran, shown well, a black/rust male of pure quality. Lovely outline, good angulations fore & aft, well boned, strong head & dark eyes, reachy neck, level topline. Because of his age loosing strength in rear quarters but nevertheless a joy to see such a great looking Champion.


Minor Puppy (4)

I was not impressed with this class, hope they improve with age.

1st Nesbitts Tuwos Stevie G (Imp) 8mnths Black/Rust Strong head, well boned, level topline, tight feet, needs more depth to brisket. A very happy puppy that needs more training.

2nd Gallagers Fitzkin Fandabidozie 7mnth Brown/Rust Nice head & neck, topline strong, shoulders o.k with enough depth to brisket. Stood on tight feet. Moved o.k

3rd O’Rourke’s Tuwos Fernando Torres


Puppy (1)

1st Saunders Tuwos Halestorm at Showadows Stood alone but I couldn’t believe how great he was for one so young, he so reminded me of our own ‘Ch Findjans Gelert’ at this age, also Brown/Rust. Has strong wedged head, good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder & deep brisket, short &balanced body also strong hindquarters, stood on tight feet & a showman already Res CC, Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Show. All well deserved.


Junior (6)

1st Ingrams Jojavik Mafioso JW 17 mnths Black/Rust young male stood out in this class, teeming with quality, excellent head planes, good clean wedge, flat cheeks, keen eye & expression, deep underjaw & depth of muzzle of which is missing in so many today. Strong reachy neck, correct angulations fore & aft, deep brisket, elbows well tucked in, no day-light here. Hard short topline with correct slope to tailset. I loved how well he is developed in muscle in thigh & in lower thigh, which gives him the positive lift & drive on those rearquarters when moving which is lacking in most exhibits today. A great handler, I was so pleased to award the Dog CC to him & also Reserve Best In Show. Very well deserved.

2nd Todd’s Supeta’s Feelin Hot Hot Hot at Tofferbach Black/Rust again full of quality, excels in head & neck fore arm & depth, standing on good tight feet, hard toplone, good tailset but unfortunately his thighs nedd more developing & he didn’t have the drive in rear movement to the above. Still has time on his hands to work on this as he is a nice dog & has many qualities to offer the breed.

3rd Goodban’s Amazon El Cid With Keljaygo.


Yearling (3)

1st Deller’s Malibray Malarky Black/Rust dog of 18 mnths. Rich tan markings & dark eyes. Good enough angulations both ends, topline & tailset good, moved well.

2nd Cains Jodaseen Jamiroquai VHC in Junior today, very good head & neck, unfortunately straight in shoulder with loose elbows & pasterns, a bit long in body, topline o.k but was not balanced & very loose on the move.

3rd Carberry’s Camarin Caranova.


Novice (1)

1st Porteous Marhyki Merlot Alone in this class & 4th in Junior, Black/Rust strong head & dark enough eyes, long enough neck into nice lay of shoulder. Topline solid, rear angles good, tight feet, moved with ease, a very happy dog enjoying his day out.


Graduate (5)

1st Burnett & Halls Supeta’s Taylors Design At Zuffenhausen Black/Rust dog of 2 ½ years would have liked richer tan markings. Good head planes, flat cheeks, deep muzzle, neck o.k. lay back of shoulder good, brisket deep, no day light inside of well tucked in elbows, firm topline, moved quite well.

2nd Mcllroy-Stracey’s Krieger Pot Shot 16 mnths Black/Rust, head not such a clean wedge as above, neck length to shoulders good but straight in upper arm, topline firm& handled very well.

3rd McGill’s Lamarg Gambler


Post Graduate (8)

1st Carberry’s Estridge Balboa 2 ½ yrs Black/Rust. First impressions of this dog was quality. Chiselled head, good planes. Strong & good length of neck, lay back of shoulder very good with depth to brisket o.k, elbows tucked in, topline good, correct rear angulation, tight feet. Need more training in movement, could have a bright future.

2nd McPhee & Ryan’s Trystorme Zhivago JW Black/Rust, good rich markings, strong head, good colour of eyes, balanced length of neck into excellent shoulders, very deep in brisket, strong topline, well balanced body, moved o.k. excellent handling.

3rd Cairn’s Lamarg Playboy


Limit (13)

1st Francis Jojavik Entrepreneur Black/Rust another dog from this kennel full of quality. Fits the breed standard in height & balance. A good head, strong neck into excellent shoulders, deep brisket, tight elbows with no daylight. Excellent rear angulations, rock hard muscled thighs, moved well, considered him in the challenge but just lost out to youngsters on showmanship.

2nd Coxs, Chambers &Evans Amazon Cruise Control For Martonburg very similar to above in type, fits the breed standard as written, a very typical Amazon type that Ihave admired in size, shape & style. Moved soundly handled well.

3rd Andrew’s Chancepixie’s Nimrod.


Open (12)

1st Smith Bennett & Mycroft’s Ch/Lux Ch Supeta’s Ozzy Osbourne JW Black/Rust male I’ve always admired from the ringside. Handled as one expects from this kennel. Excellent conformation, grand head, strong neck, short hard topline, good angulations in shoulder & rear quarters. Moved well & fits the breed standard although his feet are not tight enough for me.

2nd Evans, Byrne & Butler’s Ch Amazon Talk of the Devil JW Brown/Rust excels in conformation & substance, would prefer a bit more depth in muzzle also above the height I prefer. But a showman who moved with ease, an excellent handler.

3rd Richardson’s Ch Purroma Dark Impressions At Jasprico JW

Judge Alma Page-Owen.


Sunday 30th August 2009

Championship Show Judges:

Dogs ~ Alma Page-Owen; Bitches - Harriet McLean

Referee ~ Lachie Galbraith

Thank you to the committee of the SDC for their hospitality and to my very efficient steward Wendy for keeping things running smoothly. My thanks also to the exhibitors for an excellent quality entry and for the sporting way in which they accepted my placings. Temperaments were excellent, mouths good, my greatest concern would be size … some youngsters were way too tall and bulky - not at all feminine.



Veteran Bitch (7,1)

1st Mycroft’s Jowendy’s Enuf Said for Supeta: Stylish B/R 8 year old in super condition and enjoying her day out, showing her socks off! Correct size with lovely outline and clean head, short strong topline, perfect tail set and moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Res CC and BVIS.

2nd Bisland & Pagan’s Trystorm Indignation: Another sound 8 year old B/R bitch of good type with straight front and strong topline. Pleasing head with good planes and attractive expression. Moved with reach and drive and was a close second, failing to winner on croup.

3rd Somerville’s Gaindyke Mattea Von Peaselye.


Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st Cox & Jerenic’s Tuwos Harmoni with Martonbury NAF TAF; Up to size but feminine B/R youngster, well pigmented. Attractive head with parallel planes. Good length of upper arm and lay of shoulder giving ample forechest. Short sloping topline. Gave the overall impression of a well balanced puppy who should have a bright future.

2nd Mulholland’s Tuwos Gabrielle at Marillium (Imp); B/R youngster who can’t afford to grow on! She has an attractive head with good planes, eye shape and pigment. Angulation is good both ways but she roaches when baited and this spoils her topline. A bit of a roly- poly at the moment - she needs to tighten up all over!


Puppy Bitch (4,0)

1st Evans’ Amazon Kandy Kisses: Square B/R with super outline … showing off an immaculate topline and tailset. Attractive head and expression, with good planes and dark pigment. Good round bone, tight feet and elbows … she moved out well with reach and drive.

2nd King’s Nerak Sweepstake: Bigger B/R than winner but similar remarks apply as she is an attractive typy bitch also. Not as positive behind as the winner.

3rd Mycroft’s Supeta’s Top Totty.


Junior Bitch (5,0)

1st Scott’s Krieger Prima Donna: Well made B/R youngster of good size with an excellent square outline, showing strong topline and good tailset. Correct head planes with adequate stop and dark pigment. Wants to look at her handler so has a tendency to crab at times but otherwise moves with reach and drive.

2nd Cartwright’s Jodaseen Blood Red Wine at Amaltheia; Bigger B/R but sound with a pleasing square outline and good angulation. Parallel head planes and dark eye, tight feet and elbows and moved out well …. just not as stylish as the winner.

3rd Cairns’ Lamarg Bailey


Yearling Bitch (2,0)

1st Burnett, Hall & Mycroft’s Supeta’s Feels Like Heaven at Zuffenhausen:

B/R youngster of lovely size and type. Square outline, good length of upper arm and excellent shoulder placement. Short strong topline and perfect tailset. Moved out well with ample reach and drive. I feel she still has to mature and will watch her progress with interest!

2nd Cairns’ Aritaur Vodkatini: Bigger B/R youngster but of pleasing type with good head planes and dark pigment. Square bodied with a strong topline, she moved steadily but failed to the winner in rear angulation and needs to tighten in front.


Novice Bitch: (5,0)

1st Amazon Kandy Kisses

2nd Tuwos Harmoni with Martonburg NAF TAF

3rd Nerak Sweepstake


Graduate Bitch (7,0)

1st Cox & Chamber’s Martonburgs Star of India: Loved this B/R girl’s head, very appealing expression with good earset, good length of flat skull to muzzle, parallel planes and first class pigment. Presented a pleasing picture. Overall one of the few I would describe today as being in really hard condition. Well angulated both ways which showed in her movement.

2nd Brown’s Knecht Snyzentigh: Bigger B/R but showing similar attributes to winner. Best of short strong toplines and good angulation with tightest of feet. Moved out well.

3rd Pagan’s Trystorm Annastasia:


Post Graduate Bitch (10,0)

1st Evan’s & Irving’s Amazon Sydique: Another typy B/R from this kennel, square in outline and excelling in topline and tailset. Good, straight, well developed front and well turned stifle. Pleasing head and expression, good underjaw, parallel planes and dark eyes. Moved well.

2nd Verrall’s Dink Dink: A finer B/R but very typy with a beautiful head and expression. Strong topline and tailset, good straight front with tight feet and covers the ground well. Slightly longer in loin than winner.

3rd Cranston’s Mountcraig Ain’t Bothered


Limit Bitch (17,2)

1st Taylor & Ryan’s Khazaddum Sealed with a Kiss: B/R girl who grew on me more and more as the class progressed! Lovely outline with superb topline and tailset which she held on the move. Classic head with good stop and parallel planes, well developed front with tight feet … she moved out well with reach and drive.

2nd Layton & Mycroft’s Supeta’s C’est la Vie for Kaistart: B/R similar type to the winner, square and substantial without being overdone in any way. Pleasing profile with strong topline and well set on tail. Good angulation both ways with adequate forechest, tight elbows and straight front.

3rd Cairns’ Lamarg Playgirl.


Open Bitch (15,3)

1st Balshaw’s Ch Janzin’s Jamelia JW ShCM: This B/R girl ticked all the boxes for me! Elegant, stylish, square, super strong sloping topline with tail bang on the end! Well developed straight front with just enough give in her pasterns to accommodate the forceful drive from behind. A head and expression to die for … she just ‘melts’ you! I was delighted to award her the CC and along with my co-judge, BIS.

2nd Mycroft’s Supeta’s Witchqueen JW ShCM; B/R similar in type to the winner and many of her attributes apply … but I preferred the head and front of my CC winner.

3rd Evan’s & Thompson’s Ch Amazon Devil Wears Prada.


Harriet McLean (Judge)

Top Honours

BIS - Janzins Jamelia JW ShCM

RBIS - Jojavik Mafioso JW

BV - Ch Jowendys Enuk Said for Supeta

BPIS - Tuwos Halestorm at Showadows

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