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I would like to thank the SDC for their invitation to officiate at their show and a sincere thank you to Mrs. Wendy McColl (Nee Lennox) my steward for assisting me throughout the day.

Best of Breed went to the 17month old male ‘Chancepixies Locomotive’ belonging to

Mr.D. Joy on a joint decision with my co-judge Mr. Dave Mitchell (Bosskat).

Best Opposite Sex was awarded to the Female CC winner Mr & Mrs Wilkes

Lynfryds Raspberry Beret automatically as the Reserve CC male was unfortunately no longer present at the show to challenge.

Best Puppy in Show was the female ‘Lamargs Angel’ owned by Ms.L. Cairns chosen by the referee Mr.R. Downie (Knecht).


My general observation is that there is more variation in type in the UK than I observed 3 or 4 years ago. I looked to award to a sound square do possessing a slightly sloping topline who could also move soundly. I found this in my CC male and in most of my class winners.. As is the case throughout mainland Europe, front assemblies are a little straight with smaller indistinct markings on the chest becoming almost the norm. Most dogs were of standard height, back tends to be slightly longer and lack the necessary slope. Temperaments were excellent with all dogs recovering instantly from my thorough examination of their dentition. I found a few males with dentition problems, a couple of young males had slightly overshot mouths which hopefully should correct with the maturing process. A few dogs had missing molars and a young puppy still had a double set of canines, so overall dentition was good. Coat type was excellent in the vast majority of exhibits but many dogs were in soft condition.

My advice to breeders would be to consider using breeding stock that can produce a longer narrower head type, as these seem to be a rarity almost everywhere and to pay attention on achieving better chest markings and correct slightly sloping toplines.


Veteran Dog (2)

1st Pagan’s Ch.Trystorme Highlander. A top sized 8 year old black, elegant but masculine male, a little longer than high. He has an excellent Dobermann head type with parallel head planes but I would prefer a slightly narrower skull. He possesses a dark eye which shows off his excellent bold alert expression. His coat is in excellent condition being short thick and hard, the markings are of correct size but a little light in colour now. He moved with enthusiasm and enough reach and excellent drive.

2nd Morton’s Threepwood Travis. An 8 ½ year old square masculine black and rust male. He has a pronounced forechest and the chest is well let down to the elbow. He has a dark slightly round eye, I would prefer a narrower skull. Markings are of correct size although lighter than preferred. His movement was satisfactory.


Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st and Best puppy male Legget’s Swanwhite Solo Edition. Substantial masculine medium sized 7 month old brown and rust square male. The head is strong enough for his age with level head planes viewed from all angles, I would however prefer more underjaw. The forechest is pronounced and the rear quarters need to develop to establish a better balanced view. The markings are of correct size and colour, the coat is short thick and hard. He moved true coming and going with enough reach and drive.

2nd Davidson’s Aritaur Vindicator. 6month old medium sized square male. Correct dark almond shaped eye. Enough bone and substance for size, the markings are of correct size but a little lighter in colour than desired. He moved with enough reach and drive.

3rd Griffith’s Amious Ruff Diamond.


Puppy Dog (1)

1st Harkness’ Timoteo Betelges Del Jeujaan (Imp). Medium sized 10month old black and rust male, slightly longer than high at this stage of his development. He has a pleasing head with a medium dark eye. The chest marking could be darker but are correct elsewhere and of correct size. He moved with enough reach and drive and very balanced for a young dog.


Junior Dog (4)

1st Moore and McPhee’s Trystorme Zhivago. 16 month old medium sized masculine black and rust male. The head is strong with correct parallel head planes, I would prefer more underjaw. He has a medium dark almond shaped eye. The forechest is pronounced and brisket well let down to the elbow. The markings are of correct size and colour, they could be cleaner on the chest. He has a level topline standing leading into a correct croup, the tailset is slightly high. Moved with reasonable reach and drive.

2nd Pickup and Child’s Doberlane Irish Cream. 16 ½ month substantial square male with correct front and rear angulation and an excellent forechest. He has a strong head type, I would prefer the skull to be narrower. The eye is medium in colour and slightly round in shape. The markings are of correct colour although they could be cleaner and larger on the chest.

3rd McGill’s Lamarg Gambler.


Yearling Dog (1)

1st Trystorme Zhivago.

Novice Dog (1)

1st Griffiths’ Amious Ruff Diamond. Also 3rd in Minor puppy dog. A substantial square 8 month old male with a reasonable head type which would benefit from more underjaw. Well developed forechest and brisket well let down to the elbow. The topline could be stronger both standing and moving which may well develop in time. The markings are of correct size and colour. He moved with great enthusiasm but lacked reach and drive today.


Graduate Dog (7)

1st Trystorme Zhivago

2nd Mulholland’s Aritaur Tomahawk at Marillium. Substantial 20 month old black and rust masculine yet elegant male, slightly longer than high. Angulation is correct both front and rear with a pronounced forechest. The head from the front is correct with a dark almond shaped eye and strong muzzle. I would prefer slightly more underjaw and a drier neck. He displays good reach and drive moving true coming and going.

3rd Doberlane Irish Cream.


Post Graduate Dog (6, 5)

1st Feeny’s Diego’s Bump ‘n’ Grind. A substantial square masculine dog but slightly overweight. The head planes are correct and the head is long enough, although I would prefer a narrower skull. The eye is dark but slightly round. He has adequate forechest but not quite down to the elbow yet. Front and rear angulation is correct. He moved with enough reach and drive, topline tended to bounce on the move.

2nd Sommerville’s Peaselye Del Piero. A standard sized, square, 2 year old black and rust male. The eye is almond shaped and dark in colour. The head is pleasing although I would prefer more underjaw. Angulation is correct both in the front and rear. The coat is in excellent condition being short, thick and hard with markings of correct size and colour. The croup and tailset are correct. He moved with enough reach and drive but toed- in a little on the front. The topline was held level and firm on the move.

3rd Taylor and Ryan’s Khazaddum Eye Of Sauron.


Limit Dog (11, 8)

1st and RCC Akinbiyi’s Nicholas Lantan At Tabontabon (Imp). Balanced, square, elegant, masculine, standard sized black and rust male. Front angulation is a little straight, correct in the rear. He has a correct slightly sloping topline, long head with enough underjaw and a medium dark almond shaped eye. The coat is short, thick and hard, the markings could be cleaner and larger on the forechest. He moved very freely and balanced when settled with enough reach and good rear drive.

2nd Maitland’s Supeta’s Jeu D’Esprit. A masculine standard sized black and rust square male. He has a strong typical head with level head planes and enough underjaw. He has a very sloping topline leading into a correct croup with a high tailset. There is enough forechest with a very deep depth of chest. I would prefer slightly more angulation both front and rear. He moved with plenty of attitude and produced enough reach and drive.

3rd Milne and Williams’ Leibwache Al Capone.


Open Dog (7, 5)

1st CC and BOB Joy’s Chancepixes Locomotive. A medium sized, elegant, square, black and rust male that lives up to the second part of his name. This dog draws the eye whilst standing, walking and trotting, holding his slightly sloping topline at all times. The head is typical with parallel head planes viewed from all angles. The front and rear angulation are correct with enough bone and substance. Once the handler and dog settled down and moved together and not independently, the dog proved that he could move energetically with enough reach and a powerful rear drive. He moved true coming and going and I was pleased to award him the CC.

2nd Mycroft and Atkinson’s Ch.Supeta’s Wicked Wizard At Sonakint JW. A standard sized black and rust square male, one of only 2 dogs presented today that was shown in really hard condition, the other being Walker’s ‘Diego’s Caught In The Act CDEX shown in an earlier class. He possesses a strong head with level head planes, slightly wide in skull and the slight wrinkling on the foreface spoils his expression. He has a strong back with a level topline, which was held firm both standing and on the move. The croup is correct but the tailset is a little too high. The dog has loads of attitude and moved with great enthusiasm, displaying enough reach and drive.

3rd Pittendrigh’s Almira Shadrak At Tomar.


John Hull

Gaindyke Dobermanns

Sunday 23rd August 2008

Championship Show Judges:

Dogs ~ Mr John Hull; Bitches - Mr Dave Mitchell

Referee ~ Mr Robert Downie

I would like to thank the Scottish Dobermann Club for their hospitality and the opportunity to judge their show. I was looking for a balanced elegant compact bitch and was pleased to see my final line up just about reflected that. We still have a problem with straight shoulders. Temperaments were sound, and some of the handling needs to improve.


Veteran (5) 1 abs

1st- Pagans, Ch Trystorme in Anticipation, I can remember judging her as a puppy, very elegant but still has strength and substance. Super neck and shoulders strong backline balanced rear angulation and covered the ring well. B.V.I.S

2nd- Mycroft’s, Jowendy’s Enuf Said For Supeta, Again one I have judged before, still in such good condition for a veteran. Good head and reach of neck, balanced forequarters, topline correct, good firm back with correct rear angulation.

3rd- Wilson & Simpson, Knect Havoc for Mortrud


Minor Puppy (2) 1 abs

1st- Cairns, Lamarg Angel She Ain’t, Medium size bl & rust, well arched neck front angulation ok needs to drop a little in brisket. Backline short and firm moved well and on the referee’s decision B.P.I.S

Puppy (1)

1st- Brown’s, Knecht Snyzentigh , Good size bl & rust, feminine head, a little straight in shoulder, good topline and rear angulation preferred the movement on the minor puppy.


Junior (9) 2 abs

1st- Milne & Williams, Leibwache Sunset Stripper, medium size br & rust, elegant balanced, feminine and muscular, Well developed forechest very good front and rear angulations. Strong short backline which she held on the move overall a very nice bitch

2nd- Robertson & Feeney’s Diegos Addiction with Cockneyoka, good size bl & rust, a little straight in shoulder good depth of chest, topline slightly sloping good rear angulation. Movement ok.

3rd- Freer’s, Diego’s Aftershock


Yearling (10) 1 abs

1st- Wilkes, Lynfryds Raspberry Beret, I have liked this bitch since seeing her as a puppy, everything about her says quality and elegance, Medium size br & rust excellent reach of neck flowing into super front angulation. Forechest well developed, depth of chest down to her elbows and good spring of rib. Has excellent rear angulation, super topline and tailset. Moved with reach and drive C.C. and R.B.I.S

2nd- Balshaws, Janzins Jamelia J.W. Medium size elegant bl & rust. Super head eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck good lay in and lay back of shoulder nice depth of chest and strong topline. Preferred the movement of the winner.

3rd- Robertson & Feeney’s Diegos Addiction with Cockneyoka


Novice (5) 2 abs

1st- Cairns, Lamarg Angel She Ain’t,

2nd- Colby’s Adolfo Lady First Blush, Strong cobby bl & rust a little straight in shoulder forechest well developed good bone and substance. Movement let her down and was over weight


Graduate (5) 1 abs

1st- Graham’s Aritaur Quartz, Strong muscular square br & rust, front assembly set a little forward, needed more reach of neck. Backline short and firm ribs well sprung would have preferred more turn of stifle.

2nd- Goldie and Ryan’s Khazaddum Song of Lorien, Medium size bl & rust, straight in shoulder upper arm ok. Good depth of chest, a little straight in rear angulation. Preferred the movement of the winner.

3rd- Cairns, Lamarg Pin Up


Post Graduate (10) 2 abs

1st- Feeney’s Diegos Dior, Elegant balanced and feminine bl & rust, good head, eye shape and colour correct good reach of neck, super front, level topline and balanced rear angulation. Move out well but was overweight.

2nd- Richardson’s Trystorm Boogie Woogie at Jasprico J.W. ShCM, Elegant bl & rust a little straight in shoulder, forelegs straight and parallel, good depth of chest and ribs well sprung. Good turn of stifle. In very good condition moved ok.

3rd- Cranstons, Mountcraig Aint Bothered


Limit (9) 2abs

1st- Feeney’s Diegos too Funky, Medium size bl & rust. Feminine head, planes parallel eye shape and colour correct. Very elegant and balanced front and back, topline level and tailset correct. Had good reach when moving and was in good condition.

2nd- Wall’s Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx, Balanced elegant and feminine, a little straight in shoulder, forelegs straight and parallel, forechest well developed. Topline slightly sloping and rear angulation good. In very good condition moved out well.

3rd- Dunn’s, Nearctic Ginny Weasley at Gylemuir


Open (12) 5 abs

1st- Evans & Thompson’s Amazon Devil Wears Prada, Medium size compact bl & rust, beautiful head and expression eye shape and colour. Neck well arched and excellent lay back and lay in of shoulder with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Backline short and firm, rear angulation matching that of her front, when moving had good reach and drive. R.C.C.

2nd- Fleming & Henderson’s Ch & Ir Ch Aritaur Hipnotique, A lot has been written about her and I was not disappointed in going over her. Good size elegant balanced and feminine bl & rust. Excellent head strong underjaw planes parallel and eye colour correct. Lovely well arched neck leading to good front angulation balanced rear angulation but was slightly longer cast than the winner but held her topline on the move.

3rd- Forshaw’s, Janzins Femme Fatal


Dave Mitchell

Bosskat Dobermanns

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Top Honours

BIS - Chancepixies Locomotive

RBIS - LynfrydsRaspberry Beret

BV - Ch Trystorme In Anticipation JW

BPIS - Lamarg Angel She Aint