Best bannor 2016 aa

Class 1 Veteran Dog - 10 Entries; 4 Absent

1st Ch Krieger Storm JW

2nd Ch Sallate Schumacher JW

3rd Newtrows Dark Samuri

4th Ch Chancepixies Monopolist

VHC Lintoya Klansman of Ellaness


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog – 3 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Supeta’s Shadowstorm

2nd Purroma Easy Lover


Class 3 Puppy Dog - 1 Entry; 0 Absent

1st Anatigo Me Figaro


Class 4 Junior Dog - 10 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Tuwin Reddy to Rumble

2nd Almeira Shadrak at Tomar JW

3rd Mezarini Desperate Dan

4th Martifers The Joker

VHC Penultimate’s Pure Vintage


Class 5 Yearling Dog - 6 Entries; 0 Absent

1st Knecht Falco

2nd Mezarini Desperate Dan

3rd Purroma Dark Impression at Jasprico JW ShCM

4th Supeta’s Wich Doctor at Kaistart

VHC Kaistart Boogie Too Shoes at Falconite


Class 6 Novice Dog - 5 Entries; 0 Absent

1st Tuwin Reddy to Rumble

2nd Diego’s Caught N the Act

3rd Doberway Choctaw

4th Trystorme Lucky Luciano

VHC Krieger Hot Shot


Class 7 Graduate Dog – 3 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Krieger Endurance

2nd Ellaness Brabus


Class 8 Post Graduate – 5 Entries; 0 Absent

1st Krieger Entertainer JW

2nd Ferrero Chocolate Soldier JW

3rd Hemlake Dancing Wolf

4th Lamarg Vin Diesel

VHC Talinaur Crusader at Khazaddum


Class 9 Limit Dog – 17 Entries; 3 Absent

1st Swnydwr Hellfire of Tarchan

2nd Lodgehouse Mr Bojangles

3rd Lamarg Aramis

4th Diego’s Shoot N Score

VHC Jimbaros The Man in Black with Sealandair JW ShCM


Class 10 Open Dog – 11 Entries; 2 Absent

1st Ch Talacre Vysans Boy at Supeta JW

2nd Mavson The Luck of The Irish

3rd Heldenburg Haagen JW

4th Ch Trystorme Highlander JW

VHC Chancepixies Legend



Class 11 Veteran Bitch – 3 Entries; 2 Absent

1st Sallate Alexa JW


Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch - 8 Entries; 4 Absent

1st Supeta’s Alchohalic Frolic

2nd Tryosel Colorado at Jaegerson

3rd Veederhall Whatever

4th Veederhall Awna Promis at Elslo


Class 13 Puppy Bitch – 4 Entries; 0 Absent

1st Heathwaen Dream Machine

2nd Amazon You Give Me Fever

3rd Melmlake By Design For Tuwin

4th Patriot Miss at Khazaddum


Class 14 Junior Bitch – 12 Entries; 2 Absent

1st Trystorme In Association with Ashlain

2nd Krieger Illicit Proposal

3rd Mansty Parody

4th Amazon Don’t Call Me Baby

VHC Deigo’s Smash and Grab


Class 15 Yearling Bitch – 6 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Aritaur Hipnotique

2nd Amazon Innocent Eyes JW

3rd Newtrows Janjo

4th Mezarini Miss Behaving

VHC Diego’s StarStruck at Khazaddum


Class 16 Novice Bitch – 4 Entries; 0 Absent

1st Amazon you Give Me fever

2nd Lola De Compa

3rd Helmlake by Design for Tuwin


Class 17 Graduate Bitch – 5 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Jorazan Royal Silk JW

2nd Lola De Compa

3rd Lamarg Gucci

4th Ellaness Quattro


Class 18 Post Grad Bitch – 10 Entries; 2 Absent

1st Vonedstram The Viper

2nd Trystorme Mirror Image

3rd Dobermoray Lady Madonna of Falconite

4th Helmlake Tara Time JW

VHC Chancepixies Cassis


Class 19 Limit Bitch – 12 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Vonedstram Virtuoso

2nd Amazon Exiquisite Kiss

3rd Gaindyke Mattea of Peaselye

4th Knecht Deezel

VHC Supeta’s Tip Top for Mavson


Class 20 Open Bitch – 13 Entries; 1 Absent

1st Gaindyke Martini for Kirkimora

2nd Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix

3rd Krieger Endless Love JW

4th UK/Ned/Lux/Ch Vonedstram The Vixen

VHC Ch Trystorme In Anticipation

Sunday 28th August 2005

Championship Show Judges:

Dogs ~ Mr Jim Baker; Bitches - Norman Hughan

Referee ~ Lachie Galbraith

Best In Show - Aritaur Hipnotique

Reserve Best In Show - Ch Talacre Vysans Boy at Supta’s

Best Puppy In Show - Supeta’s Alchohalic Frolic


Dog CC - Ch Talacre Vysans Boy at Supeta JW; Res Dog CC – Swnydwr Hellfire of Tarchan

Best Puppy Dog – Supeta’s Shadowstorm


Bitch CC - Aritaur Hipnotique; Res Bitch CC - Gaindyke Martini for Kirkimora

Best Puppy Bitch - Supeta’s Alchohalic Frolic

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