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Hilary Partridge-Duckham

I would like to thank the Scottish Doberman Club for inviting me to judge their show.

I enjoyed my day at an excellent venue with a good size ring and two capable stewards who kept things running smoothly. On the down side, movement leaves a lot to desired, with loose fronts and crabbing. Baiting has become completely out of hand, food continuously stuffed in their mouths. It's a pity they do not take a leaf out of the puppy winner's book standing free at 10 months.

• C.C & B.I S Feeney's Italo Elite House.

• R.C.C & R.B.I.S Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen.

• B.P.I.S Jasprico Jazz Master Flash.

• B.v. CH Supeta's Wicked Wizard at Sonakint J.W.

Class 1 Veteran (7) - 1st Mycroft and Atkinson's CH Supetas Wicked Wizard at Sonakint, 7.5 years looking good in hard condition, sharp outline standing four square, head ok but would like more length of muzzle. Sound front strong pasterns top line and tail set correct, good muscle tone moved well B.V.

2nd Pittendrighs, Almeria Shadrak at Tomar J.W Shcm Smart Brlr, strong well shaped head long arched neck, firm sloping top line, sharp outline feet not his fortune but has couple of broken toes, looking good for 8.5 movement fair

3rd MCilory-Staceys Krieger Hotshot.

Class 2 Minor puppy Dog (6) - 1st Richardson's Jasprico Jazz Masterflash 7.5 months has one of the

best heads i've seen on a puppy, dark eyes front assembly very good tight feet clean outline, moved very well for a baby B.P.I.S.

2nd Cairns Dronski’s Amadeus close decision has good head planes, good length of neck firm top line, correct in angulation tight feet moves a little wide in front at present but both puppies should have a bright future.

3rd Daniels Sant Kreal Peron at Mattacane (imp).

Class 3 Puppy Dog (5) - Two very promising puppies.

1st Cottingham Chance pixies Warrior 10 months B-T who gets full marks for showmanship, pity some of the older exhibits do not free stand like him, a super puppy head plane is good, short coupled firm top line straight front good pasterns, tight feet one of the few with good movement, close decision for best puppy.

2nd Campbells Jojavik Pinball Wizard BR-Rust coming up to a year old clean outline short coupled, enough fore-chest and depth for age, head good movement needs to improve tends to crab.

3rd Atkinson's Supetas Jimi Hendrix at Sonakint.

Class 4 Junior Dog (3) - 1st Robinson's Cockneyoka Highlander impressive male lovely head, long clean muzzle tight flew and straight front ample fore chest and depth angulation correct, well muscle quarters handled well just needs to improve on movement, should have a bright future.

2nd Colles Marsden and Warringtons Newefords eleventh hour good head long neck firm sloping top line, front sound with enough fore chest, feet could be tighter movement fair.

3rd Wilson, Simpsons and Hartness, Jeujanns Caro Dittorio.

Class 5 Yearling (1) - 1st Berralls Camperdown Glas Tulaichean, stood alone but deserved his placing, standard size head planes is good but would like a darker eye, well arched neck into firm top line good spring of rib sound front strong pasterns movement ok.

Class 6 Novice (3) - 1st Campbells Malibray Best For Last at Jill and John

2nd Cairns Lamarg Rockstar (sorry lost notes).

Graduate Dog (3) - 1st Matthews Lebakker Tymur Teraz at Heathwaen, very sound male plenty of bone and substance head ok excels in front rear angles are good, tight feet move fairly well.

2nd Swans Samenco My Irish Boy (imp) standard size male head good but has loose flews, long arched neck into firm top line, wide in front which showed in movement.

3rd Wilkinson McKennah Alson at Newford.

Post Graduate (2) - 1st Evans Amazon Armani, Substantial male nice round bone good head and eye colour long arched neck into firm top line, mature body good depth tight feet handled and moved very well.

2nd Richardsons Sharhyste Dark Reflection at Jasprico, very happy dog enjoying his day head ok but a bit throaty sound front good pasterns and fore chest could do with some ring craft training, movement erratic.

Limit Dog (6) - 1st Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen Quality BrlR, standing fore square sharp clean outline excels in front fore chest very good tight feet deep brisket head good flews a little loose firm topline tail set correct well angulated rear, moved soundly to take R.C.C

2nd Cairns Supetas Secret Wizard at Dronski, super male strong wedge head clean long neck firm top line deep in body with good spring of rib sound front excellent angulation, long in loin than one, well-handled and moved well.

3rd Colquhoun and Crawford Coltregan Boss.

Open Dog (8) - 1st. Feeneys Italo Elite House, powerful male quite a handful for his owner strong well shaped head deep muzzle eye colour good and tan markings sound straight front strong pasterns to be critical would like a bit more fore chest but his attributes outweigh this, oozes bone and substance short firm top line with good tail set muscle tone good powered round the ring to take C.C & B.I.S.

2nd. Jones Amazon Russian Ice, smaller than one but could not deny him his placing, clean sharp outline head planes good dark eye sound in front with ample fore chest clean long neck into firm top line well sprung ribs angulation excellent moved and handled very well.

3rd. McIlroys-Straceys Krieger’s The Wizard of Oz, J.W.

Bitch Class Winners


C.C & B.I S Feeney's Italo Elite House.

R.C.C & R.B.I.S Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen.

• B.P.I.S Jasprico Jazz Master Flash.

B.v. CH Supeta's Wicked Wizard at Sonakint J.W.

Saturday 25th August 2012 Championship Show 2012 

Judges - Dogs - Mike Wright - Kamroyal

Bitches Hilary Partridge-Duckham

 Dog Class Winners

Mike Wright - Kamroyal

2012 Scottish Dobermann Club Championship Show - Bitches:

My thanks and congratulations must go to the Committee for organising such a super day. The venue, arrangements and atmosphere were top draw and I thank my stewards (Roger & Scott) who did a great job in helping my day go smoothly.

Many thanks also, to all the exhibitors for their entries.

I felt movement had worsened and many bitches crabbed on the move and lacked drive. The mouths were good, but several pasterns were flat. Finally, several exhibits were baited, even whilst I was trying to review their mouths, which is not a habit I agree with or condone.

Veteran Bitch (Entry 4, Abs 2) 1. Heathwaens Dream Machine Nice brown bitch, pleasant in outline, balanced front and rear with good expression tight feet and shown in good condition, moved well.

2. Krieger Illicit Proposal Good B/T standard size bitch with ample bone, reasonable in outline, strong head with dark eye, movement not as good as winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,1) 1. Kriegers Serbian Surprise Tall upstanding B/Tan bitch, balanced front and rear with nice shaped head, good planes, dark eye, good reach of neck flowing into level topline. Moved with drive.

2. Ruzuna Blazing Amazing Smart four square B/Tan bitch, standard size, ample bone, firm level top line, nice head with dark eye.

3. Jasprico Kokorico

Puppy Bitch (8,2) 1. Amazon Cartier

Beautiful B/Tan bitch, good in outline, plenty of bone and substance, nice wedge shaped head and dark eye, tight feet, good spring of rib, correct reach of neck flowing into level topline. Moved with drive. Should have a great future.

2. Ruzuna Blazing Amazing See above.

3. Jojavik Molly Mobster

Junior (5,0) 1. Tuwos Jackie ‘O’ at Dronski Beautiful standard size feminine B/Tan bitch, balanced in outline, good in front, nice shaped head and dark eye, plenty of reach of neck flowing into solid level topline and tailset. Nice expression, moved with drive and very well handled. Again one to watch.

2. Cockney Yoka High Society from Diego Tall upstanding B/Tan bitch, good in outline with good spring of rib, wedge shaped head with dark eye. Moved well.

3. Sharhyste Storm Andel

Yearling (5,2) 1. Remesca’s Perfect Timing at Dabells One I would like to take home. Standard size feminine B/Tan bitch with excellent bone and substance, feminine head and dark almond eye, good spring of rib and level topline. Powerful on the move, but with elegance. Pleased to award Bitch Res CC, but lost out to winner on maturity, close decision. Am sure her day will soon come.

2. Camperdown Carn Aosda Nice B/Tan bitch, level topline, good spring of rib, good head, level planes with dark eye. Moved with drive.

3. Lamarg Drama Queen

Novice (7,2) 1. Amazon Cartier See above

2. Krieger’s Serbian Surprise See above.

3. Sharhyste’s Dark MS Devlis at Heatherlands

Graduate (2,0) 1. Cockneyoka Mauna Loa Standard size B/T bitch, lovely in profile, good head, planes and ear set, correct reach of neck leading to level topline. Well-muscled with tightest of feet. Moved with drive.

2. Supeta’s Swing Out Sister at Mattacane Feminine B/Tan bitch, good in profile, with adequate bone and substance, correct shaped head, level topline, but feel needs to firm up pasterns.

Post Graduate (4,1) 1. Amazon Cold Ice in Alice for Tomar Standard size B/Tan bitch, wedge shaped head with dark eye, good depth of muzzle, correct front assembly, plenty of spring of rib with nice reach of neck flowing into level topline.

2. Supeta’s Sweet Child O’mine at Toffarbacond  Tall upstanding B/Tan bitch, balanced in outline, good angulation, wedge shaped head with dark eye.

3. Emerald Divinity

Limit (13,4) 1. Supeta’s Grace Kelly of Ostertag Pretty B/Tan bitch with balanced outline, plenty of bone, nice expression, good head planes, depth of muzzle and dark eye, moved well and showed well.

2. Diego’s Temptation with Stormhold Standard size B/Tan bitch, balanced in profile with wedge shaped head and dark eye.

3. Tuwos Indigo at Marillium

Open (9,0) 1. Supeta’s Feels Like Heaven at Zuffenhausen

Pleased to award her the Bitch CC, excellent compact B/Tan bitch, standard size, but excels in profile, although underline not quite as clean as Res CC winner. Good wedge shaped head, correct planes, dark eye and excellent depth of muzzle, correct spring of rib, balanced front and rear, good reach of neck flowing into firm level topline. She possessed the maturity and was handled to perfection.

2. Amazon Stormy Romance Smart B/Tan bitch good in profile, wedge shaped head, correct front assembly, good reach of neck flowing into level topline. Moved with drive and handled well.

3. Swnydwr Done N’Dusted

Mike Wright - Kamroyal

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