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J Kelly - Dog Results


It has been a while since I judged our breed and it saddens me to find them in a diminished state. Much has changed and not for the better.

We seem to have a problem differentiating between what is a square and what is oblong, what is well muscled and what is fat. The dog we breed, show and exhibit is a square muscular working dog. With the tail now being undocked it is essential that backs are short and hard to avoid looking houndy.

Type, soundness and balance are being destroyed and need addressing urgently.

On a more heartening note most of my winners pleased me, meeting the standard for type, soundness balance and quality.


Veteran Dog 

1st & Best Veteran in Show - Trystorme Standing Ovation – sound Black & Rust male of good type. Pleasing head of good length and strength of muzzle, correct eye shape and colour with parallel head planes. In gleaming condition with well muscled and toned body. Moved freely.

2nd Ch Purroma Dark Impression- Good for type although not the head or condition of first. Moved well.

3rd Almeria shadrak at Tomar


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Izralight Zorro – Smart standard height Black & Rust baby with short backed well balanced body deep to the elbow giving correct length of leg. Stands on strong round bone and tight cat like feet. Head could be longer and stronger in muzzle for better balance, excellent eye shape and colour however the whole head is spoilt by melanistic black markings. Comes a shade wide towards and needs to tighten on the move. Has plenty of time.

2nd Camperdown Glas Tullachen – not as mature or schooled as first. Good typr although longer than i would prefer which spoilt balance.

3rd Lamargs Drunk N Disorderly


Puppy Dog

1st & Best Puppy in Show - Supeta’s Secret Wizard at Dronski – Big Black & Rust baby with strong round bone & tightest cat like feet. Would not like to see him grow much taller having said that he is balanced, short backed deep bodied to elbows with excellent length of leg. Excels in head length and strength of muzzle with strongly developed underjaw and correct full dentition. Eye of good shape and colour. He possesses a long strong well arched neck flowing from nicely laid shoulders, hindquarters of good width and turn of stifle. I found him a little long in the hock than desirable and weak which should correct with time and exercise. Presents a harmonious picture standing but very much a baby on the move. Handled to advantage. One to watch for the future.

2nd Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodeseen – Quality Brown & Rust – short backed deep bodied excellent for type. Head long lean and well filled although deep in stop and full in eye which detracts from expression even though of good colour.

3rd Roszars Falbray Via Tuwos


Junior Dog

A Very disappointing class

1st Newfords Fame Monster – Presented a balanced picture standing. Uncollected and difficult to assess on the move. Good for type with pleasing head.

2nd Malibray Lagavulin

3rd Stormhold Atria


Yearling Dog

1st Chancepixies Trophy – Standard height Brown & Rust of excellent deep colour. Balanced short back deep bodied boy with good length of leg. Head could have better length and fill of muzzle for the ideal, eye of correct shape and colour. Excellent angles fore and after allowing him to power round the ring. A quality exhibit handled to advantage.

2nd Darkiss Maximuss Decimus at Kinmoth – not as mature as first and looking a bit rangy at the moment. However he possessed the better head of the two being long and well filled and parallel in planes. Has quality to spare just needs time.

3rd McKennahs Alson at Newfords


Novice Dog

1st Camperfdown Gilas Tullachen

2nd Lamargs Drunk N Disorderly


Post Graduate Dog

1st Malibray Finnlaggen For Telenndu – Quality standard height Black & Rust. Compact well muscled body deep to the elbows good length of leg. Moderate angles fore and after allowing freedom of movement. Correct wedge shaped head of good length and strength, correct dentition.

2nd Gylemuire Strathclyde Compact deep bodied male with pleasing head and overall balance not as free on the move as first.


Limit Dog

1st & Res CC Krieger’s the Wizard of Oz – 18 month old Black & Rust male that oozes breed type. Balanced muscular body deep to the elbows and standing on well boned legs of correct length and tightest cat like feet. Short hard back held steady on the move. Beauitiful masculine head long lean clean wedge with strong underjaww tight flews and correct dentition. Eye shape a perfect almond of the darkest colour giving that look of eagle’s expression that is missing in so many. Long powerful neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Hindquarters of good width and turn of stifle affording him free easy movement. He pushed the CC winner all the way loosing out on maturity in the end. He was handled to perfection by a young woman obviously who knows her stuff. A winning combination who’s title must be assured.

2nd Amazon El Cid with Keljaygo – Excellent type with well balanced deep body. Not as compact as winner. Well angulated allowing freedom of movement. Head pleasing for length, strength eye shape and coulour.

3rd Amazon Russian Ice.


Open Dog

1st, CC & Res Best in Show

Tuwos Halestorm At Showadows – A power house of a male. 2 years old Brown & Rust who exudes type and quality. Ultra short hard back line retained on the move. Well muscled body deep to elbow standing on strong boned straight legs of balanced length and large tight cat feet. I found his eyes of good shape but a shade light for a brown of this colour. Powerful well developed hindquarters of excellent width and bend of stifle short hocks used to flow over the ground. Well packed front and forechest, correctly placed shoulders and tight elbows. Presents a harmonious standard height picture of balance and quality. His coat is dark but mottled in places which detracts from the overall look and while cosmetic that along with his eye colour cost him Best in Show to a bitch in sparkling form. Handled to perfection by one of our better handlers. His crown can’t be too far away.

2nd Farantino Du Wot a Thriller at Ruholfia i like this boy very much he was unlucky to meet Halestorm and The wizard of Oz on form. Excelled in type soundness and balance. Again a beautiful masculine head shown to advantage one with a bright future.

3rd Ir Ch Aritaur Tomahawk Marrillium A favourite of mine who was carrying far too much weight on the day which was disappointing. A quality boy.

Nadjia Timmermanns-Kadenko - Bitch results



1st Jones & Tilley Ch Aritaur Helena 7.5yrs Excellent type, very nice overall balance with strong bone. Lovely long head with strong muzzle and parallel plains. Good developed body and good overall angulation, free movement.

2nd McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Illicit Proposal JW Medium sized square build with good attitude. Adequate length of head with parallel plains and nice expression. Lovely top-line, good developed body and free movement.

3rd Wilson-Simpson’s Newtrow Janjo



1st Hopkinson’s Otago Pure Platinum 7mth Young female of very good type, excellent bone and good body proportions. Lovely head adequately filled under the eyes, mask a little too dark. Nice top-line, very good relations with free movement. Would like to see tail happier tail carriage.

2nd Cairn’s Lamarg Drama Queen Lovely balance in body on this young female, in a few months head will mature to balance with body. Eyes too deeply set which spoil expression. Free movement and nice colourings.

3rd Evans, Jones and Tilley Manzart Sariska at Amazon



1st & RBPIS Jones and Tilley’s Amazon Russian Romance 10.5mths Female of excellent type, lots of nobility, nice balance in head and body. Well developed with good substance, lovely head type and strong free movement.

2nd James Jaegerson The Heat Is On JW 11mths Very strong bitch, well within size and feminine. Lovely body lines and lovely head, parallel plains and maximum strength of skull. Moved well but would like to see top-line more level on the move.

3rd Ni She’s Fodhla De La Maison De Keyala at Ruholfa



1st Robertson’s Cockneyoka Mauna Loa Female of very good type. Square body with well-developed chest and fore chest. Nice bone and very good topline. Strong long head with almost parallel plains, wish to see eye colour a little darker. Free strong movement with clean markings.

2nd Law’s Sharshyste’s Dark Ms Devlish Medium sized female with almost square build of body. Long head however headlines need to be more defined and mid brown eye colour. Correct topline and well developed fore chest. Moved with good power, but still loose in front due to straight shoulder construction.



1st Burton’s Darkiss Sultry Spirit Very nice type, standing at top of height standard. Square build and harmonious with strong bone and good substance. Long head with parallel plains and good eye but ear carriage could be better. Free movement and chest markings still visible.

2nd Wilkinson’s Newford’s Just Dance Medium sized strong well built female with excellent temperament. Very nice body lines. Good length of head with good proportions but stop needs to be more defined. Strong topline and good fore chest. Front and rear angulation in balance, good movement and correct markings.

3rd Bridge’s Birgit’s Ebony Princess at Devisa


NOVICE Bitch (2,1)

1st Cairn’s Lamarg Drama Queen (second in minor puppy) Lovely balance in body on this young female, in a few months head will mature to balance with body. Eyes too deeply set which spoil expression. Free movement and nice colourings.

2nd Verrall’s Camperdown Cairn Aosda 7.5mths Elegant female of medium size, feminine head with sweet expression however wish to see stronger muzzle. Clean neck but a little too upright due to straight front angulation. Good topline and forechest , brisket still needs to develop. Good rear angulation moved happily through ring however not yet in balance.


GRADUATE Bitch (7)

1st Harkness Oxana Z Padoku Von Jeujaan Strong and balanced female of very good type. Great qualities in the head, long strong and with parallel plains. Correct stop and nice expressive dark well set eyes. Strong underjaw, good neck, shoulder and topline. Good front and rear angulation, well developed chest and forechest. Strong bone and free movement.

2nd Pittendrigh’s Amazon Ice Cold in Alice for Tomar Strong female of correct size with almost square body build. Strong bone and good substance. Long head with strong muzzle and maximum skull, good parallel plains and medium to dark mask. Correct neck and topline, excellent chest and underline, balanced front and rear angulation and free movement.

3rd Mulholland’s Tuwos Indigo at Marillium



1st Morgan’s Malibray Lia Fail Lovely female of excellent type and almost square in build. Very strong bone, well developed and muscular body. Very strong head with maximum length, good underjaw and parallel plains. Eyes could be darker. Very good topline which is kept strong and level in movement. Very good front and rear angulation which delivers excellent strong movement.

2nd Banton’s Darkiss Black Magic Very beautiful female with lots of nobility and very good, squarely built and balanced body. Long head with good parallel plains and nice expression. Excellent topline with good forechest and well developed forechest for age. Balanced front and rear angulation however would like to see stronger and more balanced movement.

3rd Ni She’s Fiastra Du Wot A Thriller at Ruholfia


LIMIT Bitch(16,3)

1st Robertson’s Cockneyoka China Polly JW Very strong and mature female of excellent type. Square built body with well developed substance. Lovely feminine head with excellent plains and nice expression. Good topline and underline, balanced front and rear angulations delivering strong movement with both reach and drive. Nice clear markings.

2nd Sommerville’s Diego’s Temptation With Stormhold 2yrs Young looking female of excellent type. Strong bone and good square outline. Long head with nice headlines and lovely expression. Good arch of neck and good topline in stance however needs to be stronger on the move. Balanced front and rear angulation and adequately developed ribcage and forechest.

Cairn’s Aritaur Vodkatini at Dronski


OPEN Bitch(14,2)

1st CC & BIS Waldie’s Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram Exuding excellence in type, lots of nobility, strength, balance and power in this beautiful feminine bitch. Excellent head, strong and long with correct lines. Strong muzzle with tights lips and excellent expression. Beautiful arched neck and excellent body lines. Great substance with balanced front and rear angulations. Beautiful movement.

2nd & RCC Donnelly and Henderson’s Ch and Ir Ch Tuwos Hrana Excellent female in everything: type, body, construction, balance and harmony. Beautiful head with excellent lines, eyes could be a little darker. Beautiful topline and underline, excellent substance and very good front /rear angulation. Movement both balanced and fast enough.

3rd Downie & Glass’ Ch Gaindyke Eureka

Sunday 28th August 2011 Championship Show

Judges      -       Dogs ~ Miss Julie Kelly

Btiches ~ Nadjia Timmermanns-Kadenko


C.C & BIS ~ Waldie’s Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram.

CC & Res Best in Show ~ Tuwos Halestorm At Showadows

Best Puppy in Show ~ Supeta’s Secret Wizard at Dronski 

Best Veteran in Show ~ Trystorme Standing Ovation.


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